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  1. Were planning on coming this year. Just waiting for more details concerning price, number of guests allowed and deadline!
  2. It wasn't my insides that were messed up by ROAR. It was my thighs that felt it the most cause of where I was sitting. But I will say that it was the best seat to be in for the contest. My wife was too knocked out at the end of the night to hear any of my moans.....lol. I think I may hold the record for most rides on ROAR now!
  3. Even though Opening day was a washout, we managed to make it to the park the following 2 days. What will be the "new" Zoomazon Falls! Mind Erasure makes me smile with glee! Here we come around the bend. I think Sylvester likes my wife.....lol after closing there goes ROAR big thumbs up for the roughest coaster in the park a 3 for 1 shot Skull Mountain Shipwreck Falls was closed A nice addition to SFA's entertainment lineup! though this was the scene at opening, Superman opening 20 mins later no more Thomas Town here The new train These nifty new drink holders can be found at every coaster station now. No more dying of thirst while waiting in line on a hot summer day. I decided to compete in the Stride a thon coaster competition to see who could ride ROAR the longest. this was about 2 hours into the contest. My remaining competitor was feeling it. but after 50 runs on Roar, we tied for the contest and both won flash passes! Going BIG!
  4. Yeah, I remember you dude! Did you catch the Quest game? I came in 3rd.
  5. My 1st TPR event! It was absolutely enjoyable. Thanks for such a great day everyone! Everything went so smooth. Enter the park! I got to be the 1st rider on Dominator! the line grew fast. Rob working the booth passing out packages. Scott, Rob & CoasterQuazi TPR wristband covering the bottom of my Kingda Ka tattoo. waiting to be some of the first riders of the day on I305. I305 in the early morning drizzle before TPR had its way with it! looks like Rebel Yell was about to crest I305! the old and the new. Peek a boo! Kidtums stroller has been taken over by DOMO's!!!!!!!!!!!! Rob preping the group for the backlot tour. a backlot shot with I305. RY's Backside. I got the first size 14 shoe in the Quest game. Maybe it's just me, but I thought that this was a given. and with that being said, Kings Dominion still let the members of TPR ride. How nice of them. I305 in all it's glory!
  6. On our way down to Va. now from Baltimore. Soooooo stoked about I305!
  7. If Anyone thats attending the East Coast Bash is staying at the Super 8 in Ashland tonight, let me know. Maybe we can get together and have a prebash party tonight at the hotel.
  8. Yeah, whats a little pain in the rain anyways? I was wondering about the Quest game as well. This is my first official TPR event. The schedule looks awesome. If it rains though, TPR will probably do a FULL takeover at the waterpark...lol. I'm stoked non the less. We should all cross our fingers on the weather issue.
  9. This is my 1st ever TPR event trip. I totally cant wait and the price couldn't be better for what were getting. Hope to make some new TPR friends while were there. before Intimidator 305 was built.
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