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Which Video Should Replace Terminator's Pre-Show?

Which video would you rather watch while standing in line for Apocalypse:  

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  1. 1. Which video would you rather watch while standing in line for Apocalypse:

    • The Apocalypse Video
    • Cat Puts on the Bunny Hat

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I agree that the cat-and-bunny-hat video would be the better choice. Angus McNasty is willing to license the use of his image for this retheming--for a nominal fee, of course.


Angus McNasty: The Apocalypse!

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I'd rather watch Ryan get punched in the cock again...


Who wouldn't want to watch this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and...


Cat Puts On Bunny Hat rules. Though if the theme is apocalypse, Angus totally represents that!


Though if you're going to make people sit through a multi-minute video instead of letting them get on a ride, at least make it an interesting multi-minute video like this that teaches you things (WARNING: POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE!)




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I think they should take a whole new direction with the theming of the ride. I'd say go with an animal theme. Now you might say that the cat video is perfect for this. I would agree, however, you have to look at it from the park's point of view. They want to make something that makes money. You know what makes money? Catchy songs put to ridiculous videos about obscure wildlife. After realizing this, I've now come to the conclusion that the ride should be themed to Narwhals. To fit this theme I found the following video which is catchy, addicting, while still being highly educational and inspirational. In an effort not to annoy the general public by making them wait through a one minute preshow, the song can be cut down to only one verse. And now I give you the new preshow for Six Flags Magic Mountain's newest ride, Narwhals: THE RIDE!



NOTE: In order for this to work, the on-ride audio will need to be put back onto the ride and made to play the song's chorus on a loop throughout the ride.

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I must send my agreements to the cat in the hat. They could even have kitty cat in rabbit hat themed trains and it could mew for the whole ride. Of course the tunnel entrance should be re-themed to the kitty cats head and the train could rush into it's mouth. At this point the audio would scream; "ENTER THE PUSSY!!!". This could spawn a whole range of new TPR t-shirts.

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It could be worse, you could have to sit through a pre-show for an absolutely cr@p ride like Dull Knight at SFGAdv and any other that was park blighted with one.


Definitely the cat, but nothing would be my preferred choice. Apocalypse not-so-Wow, or Now for that matter.

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