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  1. They could have been launching at full speed you know... who are you to call me out? Sorry. I guess me making a small interpretation is a little too much for this forum. I really am sorry.
  2. Yes, I was right... See. Same height with or without riders. You must also take account that the new cars are definitely much lighter and look more aerodynamic (judging from ToT2)
  3. ^^Aw fudge-nuts. But doesn't more weight = more speed? Oh wait....wut. ^^ Doesn't my post of the old-school picture prove that with a fully loaded train it still goes up that high?
  4. But they gave a train to SFGA for Chang (EDIT** Green Lantern), which is why there is only single train operation on it. And busier? The line is reaching the sign at the entrance even on a dead day. That's sad.
  5. De Ja Vu at SFMM. My Thing was open, and i mean open. It was opening to at least 60 degrees. The ride ops locked it in, but then we got stuck on the first vertical lift and It popped out again. I had no choice but to practically stand on the seat in front of me. No, I am not lying. It did happen. I wasn't even scared. I knew that gravity and peak physical fitness was on my side. I had no worries edit** ^ well whaddyaknow? I lived your nightmare...
  6. July 3rd, 2010. SFMM. Revolution. Me and my friend were up to ride soon as the next train came back. While the people in front of us were loading, there was this kid who was WAAAAAAYYYY under the height limit! The employee measured him and said "Whatever let him ride " everyone cheered and I was laughing. Then I heard this guy next to me say "Watch that train come back and noone in the seat". Apparently a lot of people heard him say that cuz when the OTHER train came back, that specific seat was empty! Everyone was like "Wait...wasn't that where the kid was sitting?" I quickly told the employee "Hey wheres that kid? " she then laughed quietly and SCREAMED when she saw the empty seat! Everyone was so scared it was awesome!
  7. One train operation on Excelerator isn't that bad. One train operation on Riddler's, now THERE is a problem!
  8. Technical rehearsal? Technical rehearsal?!!! Technical rehearsal?!???!???????????/ Technical rehearsal?!!!!!!!!!???????????? What's that? Test runs?
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