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Happy New Year TPR! What are you looking forward to in 2011?

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Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm really looking forward to..

- My first TPR Trip, Road to Cedar Point!

- Checking out the new rides in the surrounding areas. (Martin's Fantasy Island, Waldameer, etc.)

- And any surprises that may come up!

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Dang, I cant believe it's a new year already!

Stuff I'm excited for:


- Finally getting on Lost Coaster at Indiana Beach

- Timberliners on Voyage

- North East trip with TPR

- Boulder Dash

- Possibly taking my friend from Germany to SFGAm

- Seeing some of the Chicago gang again soon!

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1. Possible trip to Florida

2. School Show - Hairspray!

3. My Cousins wedding

4. Glee - Season 2

5. We Will Rock You and Jekyll and Hyde in Glasgow!

6. Seeing updated events for Club TPR.

7. School Choir

8. Spring band bash

9. Visiting some kind of Theme Park/parks

10. Passing some exams

11. Making money off ebay

12. Wearing my new duffel coat

13. Succeeding in a talent competition ( next Christmas ) or at least pleasing the crowd again

14. Getting a recording in a local studio

15. Finding out what the Merlin have decided to ruin the dungeons with this year!

16. Having a laugh and singing!

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The new Starflyer at SFDK


Hopefully go to SFMM and ride there new Zac Spin coaster, and maby Knott's Berry Farm to ride there new Windseeker and all of the rides I didn't get to go on last time


Hopefully take a southern trip this summer


All of the new coasters in china!

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Rough year for me, after going from 250 to 377 coasters last year I'll be insanely lucky to hit 400 this year. Only plans now include:


-New Texas Giant

-Cheetah Hunt


-LegoLand Florida


Oh yeah, I forgot saving up for the China trip hopefully

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Happy New Year TPR!


Here is my list...


* Utilizing my CF platinum pass and getting to possibly visit Michigans Adventure for the first time as well as hitting up CP, KD w/different I305, Dorney, CW, KI and whatever other CF parks we can visit in 2011.


* Visit the Columbus Zoo and water/amusement park.


* Cheetah Hunt at BGA. Not sure if I will get there in 2011, but if it is as awesome as it looks, I need to find a way to get there!


* 2011 trip to Italy to visit Venice, Rome & Milan (and hopefully some of the awesome theme parks!) Been to Rome once and am excited to go back.


* Holiday World - I have made it one of my personal goals to get to this park as well as Indiana Beach.


* My partner's daughter lives in Maine and I would love to get to Funtown/Splashtown and Old Orchard Beach.


* Trip to Rapid City, SD to see my Aunt & Uncle (who are in their late eighties), Mount Rushmore & Keystone. But would try to hit the Dells as well as Great America on the way. Would also post a trip report of the Corn Palace and Wall Drug (just because they rule).


* Winning the lottery so I can quit my job and travel with my partner & TPR whenever I want!!!

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2010 ended off on a really good note, and I am really looking forward to a lot of things in 2011, but here are my most eagerly anticipated:


Coaster and Park Related:


1. West Coast Bash 2011!

2. Finding out what the mystery 2012 projects are at Knott's and SFMM

3. Finally being able to take more than a day or two off work at a time so that I can actually visit some parks outside of Southern California. I am *hoping* that I will be able to visit SFOG, Carowinds, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg as part of my long overdue trip to visit my family in the Southeast, but the only definite on that list is SFOG. In addition, there is a remote possibility that I will be required to go to corporate in Montreal on business (as that is where the company that acquired my company and the website templating system that I helped to develop and that they need training on is located), and if I do, I want to check out La Ronde as well.

4. If Bay Area Bash is happening again in 2011, I want to try to attend that this time, as I was not permitted the time off to do it last time.

5. Seeing the reveal on the new B&M Prototype and seeing how they do with the 4D concept, hoping that we will see more 4D coasters in the USA from them or from S&S sometime in the next couple of years.




1. Getting a new computer for my home office, with Windows 7, 8+GB of memory, and one of the new Core processors

2. Finally having some more time to myself and being able to maintain a decent work/life balance

3. Seeing and visiting my parents for the first time since 2006-their health prevents them from being able to make the trip out here, and understaffing where I work as well as workload has prevented me from having more than a day or two off at a time for the past few years.

4. Moving towards my first purchase of a home, if I can find anything at a decent price in Southern California.

5. Moving forward into a New Year with the improvements in my life from this past year and all I have learned and making this one even better than the last.


I'm not much on resolutions, but if I had to list any, they would be:


1. Practicing better time management and acting with purpose to accomplish more in less time

2. Continuing to take care of myself the best that I can, hitting the gym daily, drinking more water and buying organic vs. processed food as often as possible

3. Maintaining the work/life balance and setting aside more fun time for myself than I was able to in 2010. If that means finally making the decision to resign my full time job and take the leap of faith to do freelance web development and design full time, then so be it.


A very happy, prosperous and enjoyable 2011 to all!!!

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Coaster/Theme Park related:

*Cheetah Hunt! I plan on using my Busch Gardens Tampa pass quite a bit over the next 2 years... starting with my first visit of the year in 2 weeks!

*Maybe visit Sea World Orlando for the first time in many years.

*Legoland Florida - opening in the fall!



*Baseball season! I'm counting down the days until pitchers & catchers report.

*Hopefully catching some good concerts (so far I got Blondie Feb 13 at Busch Gardens & Scissor Sisters April 7 at Hard Rock Live lined up.... and already planning on Duran Duran's tour once dates are announced).

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I'm looking forward to:

- Numerous trips to Universal Orlando

- a few to Disney World and Seaworld

- Going to Busch Gardens Tampa for the first time

- Cheetah Hunt when it opens

- Legoland Florida

- I'd like to go to the beach on the gulf side of Florida at least once

- Riding Green Lantern at Great Adventure

- Hopefully maybe a stop at Kings Dominion

- PAX East

- MegaCon

- completing my freshman year of college

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Park Plans:


1. West Coast Bash 2011

2. Bay Area Bash 2011 (if it happens)

3. Visit to SFMM to ride Green Lantern and SEFK (June or July)

4. St. Louis trip, including SFStL and Holiday World (immediately before North East Trip)

5. TPR North East USA Trip


Non-Park Plans:


1. Cottonwood Canyons Ski Trip in March

2. Any other ski trips (will probably visit Mammoth Mountain at some point)

3. Finishing my second year of college

4. Midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

5. St. Louis Trip, including the Arch, St. Louis Zoo, City Museum, Busch Brewery tour, and a baseball game.

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Happy new year TPR! Hope everyone has a happy MMXI


What I'm looking forward to is:


-Cheetah Hunt

-Green Lantern (SFMM)




-All rides near Orlando, Florida (Or Wisconsin).


-BAB MMXI (Maybe)

-Lego Land Florida (Althogh I won't go)


Happy MMXI!

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This year, I'm finally going on my first TPR trip. So as you can imagine, I'm extremely excited.


Apart from that, I'm also excited for a few other things. Here they are in no particular order:


Windseeker at CW (yes, I am excited for this, Wonderland doesn't really get much in the way of tall attractions)

Random trip to Hershey and Knoebel's in June

Finally being able to get credit # 100 this coming summer (if all goes according to plan, it should be Phoenix at Knoebel's)

Being able to marathon Goliath at La Ronde again on the Northeast Trip...I love that ride.

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I'm looking forward to

>NTG's final product. I want it to deliver so badly, even though I probably won't ride it this year.

>Choosing between a southern midwest trip and a northeast trip! I took a Florida trip last year and a northern midwest trip the year prior to that.

>Finding out exactly what's going to be coming to my home park, BGE, in 2012!

>Watching the websites for some 2012 California plans. I can't go to WCB or the Northeast trip this year, and the Cedar Point Trip doesn't seem appealing to me. Hopefully I can go to WCB 2012 and hopefully have my current count of 105 doubled after it! The completion of DCA v1.9 will be interesting.

>Actually going to my home park more often.

>Being a part of TPR!/cheesy

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Can't Wait for Spring Break 2011! I go to Sea World Orlando for the first time, and I am so excited to ride Manta. I also go back to disney world to pick up lost credits and reminisce about my childhood. I am also going to BGT again, but before Cheetah Hunt is open. Finally, I am going back to both Cedar Point and Universal Orlando (Although CP is not during spring break obviously)

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HNY (aka Hiney) TPR! Looking forward to a LOT this year as I got the go-ahead from my doctor to ride coasters and things again after recovering from my mini-stroke in Feb. (thanks; am doing MUCH better now. Even performing in Chicago on the 29th. of Jan.). Anyway, enough of this smut:


Several trips to my home park, Lake Compounce

the new jr. woodie at Quassy

SFNE for my first ride on Bizarro; havent been on the ride since it was SROS in 2005

Dorney Park & possibly Hershey Park in May with an old friend, both first time visits

Coney Island for my first ever ride on the Cyclone (I'll bring VIcodin) and a first time visit to SFGA

Seeing my daughter, son-in-law and newest grandbaby in June; on the way, stopping by Holiday World and...I need advice! They are

in the Chicago area. Should I go to ParaMarriott's Great America, Indiana Beach, or another park I do not know about? We are also going to attempt to stop by Mt. Olympus as well.

(if all goes correctly) my first parachuting adventure in the fall

& the big one: it's not set in stone by any means, but there is a chance, a pretty good chance, that my latest CD could be signed by a medium-to-major record label. If that happens, I'm making any side TPR Bashes that are not trips, and socking the cash away for my first TPR experience in 2012!


Big year, good times, hope I can meet some of you at the parks this year!



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