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  1. The back half of this ride looks just plane insane. Very excited.
  2. This would also allow you some time to get Dole Whip from Pineapple Lanai or the alcoholic Dole Whip drink from Trade Sam's. Get Dole Whip! One of the less pleasurable things about going to WDW and planning on short notice with lack of experience means you will need to apply patience in waiting, especially during peak periods. This includes Advanced Dining Reservations. I recommend looking through the Walt Disney website to read actual menus and look around for reviews to suit your tastes. Absent that, Biergarten in Germany at Epcot is good food, not too expensive for WDW, and not too diff
  3. Pretty much. I say this as a shameless nerd and fanboi for all of the work WDI has done over the last 60 years, I don't get how this upcharge service could be seen as some reckless subversion of THE ONE TRUE DISNEY or whatever. As an out-of-stater and AP member, I don't find it difficult to say "this [specific thing the company offers] does not actively cater to the way that I want to plan our family's trips to WDW, but I can work around it/have it work for us." Would we ever use the Disney Dining Plan? No. Do we sit at the computer or on the phone to get that one KILLER ADR? No. Are our v
  4. Denying a ride concept over the fact it uses a similar system to something already on the property is a non-starter. Umpteen Omnimover rides, I'd love to see a second attraction with the Test Track/Radiator Springs system and definitely something else in DHS with the IJA/Dinosaur/Journey to the Center of the Earth ride system.
  5. I think WDW should be showcasing the really great movies WDAS has been putting out and with an Incredibles sequel in development, that's a "franchise" that has no attraction presence in the American parks. Cars is going to be a cash grab with whatever attraction they theme to it.
  6. The one thing everyone seems to be in agreement with is that this park is going to have to undergo a DCA-esque demolition and redo. While I'm not someone who expects a new E-ticket every year I go to Disney (those people are crazy) DHS was dated 5 years ago and now it's just a mess. TWDC has acquired and developed so much strong intellectual property that they doubtlessly will use well in whatever they want to do here. The two things I'm most curious to see are what's going to become of the Great Movie Ride (great concept but it needs a re-do that could result in a new ride system or even new
  7. I really thought/passionately hoped that Disney would put in a trackless ride system for the Imagination Pavilion, which is practically a dead pavilion walking along with the Universe of Energy. As much as I find some parts of the World Showcase charming, bringing the trackless system to Norway and really knocking it out of the park with a strong Disney property would be great for that half of the park.
  8. It unfortunately was probably mostly in part with bad press and ignorant people. Tourism has been "off" in Williamsburg for a few years now; historical sites aren't the big draw they used to be, and the local hotel operators are always crying in their beer about it. BGW hasn't opened a major new attraction since Verbolten, either. On top of that Verbolten cost something around 3 times as much as Griffon and attendance only increased what, 4% that year compared to 12% with Griffon? Granted one could argue Griffon was working with the 400th anniversary down here but I don't know how
  9. People keep saying how this would be good for Kentucky Kingdom. Personally, I'd rather see Kentucky Kingdom get something different. This ride obviously didn't help Hard Rock Park stay in business so why would it be the savior for Kentucky Kingdom? If anything, I'm more interested to see how Thunder Run operates after it's been given some Rocky Mountain love! I wouldn't expect them to pick up an old coaster that had to be intentionally designed to be average like Led Zepplein/TTM, but maybe they'd pick up another thing to plug in the park somewhere. Rocky Mountain treating Thunder Ru
  10. Seems like something Kentucky Kingdom would be interested pursuing, but they probably would've made that deal before the open sale went online, right?
  11. I believe my first inversion-filled coaster was The Loch Ness Monster, which I believe is the third oldest operating full-circuit coaster with inversions and the first and only roller coaster with interlocking loops. Coincidentally, my last coaster I rode with any inversions is Revolution at SFMM over the summer, the oldest operating roller coaster with inversions.
  12. RMC is on the brink of being an industry titan if this goes over as well as everyone wants it too. Derivative coaster design is dead to them. They can be credited with two of the biggest developments in the industry with the topper track and now with these inversions and banked turns. I can't wrap my head around how they are actually pulling off some of this stuff, but I said that with some of the turns on NTG as well. I keep throwing money into the double barrel roll but I still can't ride it! This might be the first ride I will actually build an entire trip around.
  13. RCCA picked up where Dinn left off: ruining the reputation of wooden coasters.
  14. I only rode this roller coaster for the credit. I think Cedar Fair kept it so they could have one wooden coaster in the chain more dreadful than Mean Streak. Realistically, they probably went to the Rocky Mountain team and they came back with a big price tag and/or bad prognosis for restoration. They have neutered the Beast at KI as well, but that's a story for another day. I guess we could see a Giga pop up here seeing as the major parks in the chain have them and this one doesn't (It's fair to call CW and KD major parks in addition to KI and CP, right?). They might carry over the Leviath
  15. ^If that was a serious question, then it's because BGW doesn't have a great relationship with the company after Escape from Pompeii for having mechanical problems when it opened. This is the textbook definition of "irony".
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