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The Official West Coast Bash 2011 Thread - SFMM & KBF

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Sounds like a great event and i am hoping to make it out! I was just wondering though how fast did the KBF event sell out last year? Thats the one i want to register for but i will need to wait till Jan 28th before i can pay for it. Do guys think it will sell out by then?

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Very nice design. Having a classic Knott's attraction and a classic SFMM attraction on the same shirt works very well. For a mere $10, it's a bargain. And if the shirts are of the same quality that they've been in the past, it's not just a bargain---it's a steal!



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That's an awesome design, one of my favorites. I'll definitely be getting one now.


Are WCB tickets refundable? I've yet to miss a year, but there's always a chance work will throw something at me last minute. Or being a Club TPR member, I suppose I could just wait to buy until the last minute, but I'd rather not.

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Does anyone have any experience using priceline for hotels near SFMM?? I'm hoping someone could post their winning priceline bid and for which hotel.


I've never used priceline near SFMM (but have near Disneyland probably 50 times and near Knott's a few times).


Whenever I'm trying to priceline a new area I check biddingfortravel.com ... but there really aren't a LOT of hotels near SFMM, and only a couple within walking distance. Good luck.

I have used them and seem to always end up with the Best Western for about $55 - $60. My friend and travel partner has gotten the HGI and Hyatt before for about $65 or so.

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^^ If you've purchased a ticket and can't attend, the best thing to do is mention that here at TPR. Last year, I waited too long (dumb on my part and a long story besides), and one person came on here with an available ticket. I was able to buy her ticket and attend after all. And I'm glad I did because I was able to take the tour of the Calico Mine Ride at Knott's.


But a note---if you go that route, keep Robb and Elissa informed.



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