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  1. I can't wait to ride this thing. I'm scared already so I know it's going to be a crazy ride.
  2. Is it really "ridiculous" discussing about something that pertains to a ride that is about to open? Honestly I don't know why it would bother people just because we want to know a certain statistic about a ride. I for one like to know the stats about rides. I personally feel it's pretty cool knowing how tall something is, how fast it is or anything else that makes me say "wow, that's awesome." I haven't read, since I've been posting about the height issue, anyone feeling discouraged about the height. I think we all have been discussing it pretty openly without any interruption. If the topic is getting "tired" then it will end until we (the people who actually do care) learn the final stats of the ride. Just please be thankful our discussion hasn't been like this... "Man I really hate Six Flags!!!! THEY LIED TO US!!!! I wanted it to be 400 feet and higher!!!! Why can't they just drop us from the very top of the tower??????!!!!!!! Engineers are smart people, they should be able to make it work like that!!!! I want my record and I'm going to cry about it I get it!!!!!!!!!" Thank you. Six Flags didn't lie to you. You are assuming they are lying because of you looking at a bunch of random pictures, guessing the ride looks to be 10 to 30 ft from the top, and what your eyes are telling you. Until we get some real numbers, it's all just a bunch of random guessing. Crying about it really isn't going to change anything to be frank. Take a breath and wait for real details to come before you draw your conclusions about a ride that you haven't even been on. If SFMM states they are going to break the record, you better believe it will be higher than 390 ft. By how much, who knows?? I'm guessing the entire drop does count the brakes at the bottom of the tower so really 10 ft in my eyes means nothing. I hope I'm not coming off rude, and if so, I apologize up front.
  3. This whole "it's not 400 ft." thing is getting ridiculous. I think its a bit anal for people to get so discouraged over a ride that might or might not being 10 feet shorter than expected. We understand that you are just in dying need to know how tall this ride truly is. We should all just be happy we are getting a ride like this at SFMM, I know I am. If it's 350, 360, 375, 390, or 400 ft, it's still going to scare the crap out of me and a of other riders in here. Bottom line, the topic is getting really tired. Just leave it alone and i'm sure you will get your answers sooner or later. It is what is it brotha.
  4. Oh man I love Tokyu Hands. That's like literally right down the street from NHK headquarters. Besides Tokyu Hands, my favorites are BIC Camera and Yodobashi Camera! Have you been to either of those Robb?
  5. Why is everyone so concerned about how many tickets were sold to West Coast Bash? Why does it matter? Are you concerned about the lines during ERT? Well, don't be. You guys need to TRUST US that we wouldn't put on an event where people would have to wait in line. Don't worry about how many tickets were sold. Worry about showing up to the event and having an excellent time! ^ That's the polite way of being son'd lol.
  6. That was super. Thank you for sharing the pictures. What an awesome experience.
  7. Save yourself the trouble unless you really want to ruin your day LOL. My wait for Dodonpa was 3 hours or so...
  8. Hopefully they do but it's been 5 years since I've been there and it still sucks according to everyone so I doubt it will change but I guess anything is possible.
  9. It's really strange that this park was so bad because every where else I've been in Japan, The service was top notch.
  10. Go to Tobu Zoo. The Mega-Lite there is better than anything Fuji-Q has. I'll put that on my schedule right now. Thanks Robb.
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