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  1. There is a Rodeway Inn on Beach Blvd which is about a seven minute walk to KBF's main entrance. And it's less than $80 a night, even less with AAA discount. I've stayed there many times. Are you sure you want to drive from San Diego to SFMM on event day. That's quite a long treck to then spend over 12 hours in the park. I would suggest coming up to Valencia the night before if you can.
  2. Log Jammer was an 'experience'. Not just because it was an original 1971 ride, but the hillside 'grew' into it and it fit in naturally and brilliantly. Jet Stream is just a ride with about 2" of water in each boat, while Log Jammer was an adventure. They're ripping out Deja Vu, have a pile of dirt where Mr. Sixx never went; why not rip out Jet Stream and use that space? R.I.P., LJ
  3. Robb, Sorry just anxious; I know what you do, I'm just I guess annoying. I can wait.
  4. Would love to go with a TPR group. Just wish we got the RIP Front of Line (unlimited on all rides and mazes), not just the regular one-time use Front of Line pass.
  5. Call me a small time casual goer. With my friend Jessica from Dallas and a new guy Stephan from Akron Ohio we all did the WCB at SFMM and KBF in March. Then we (Jessica and I, and Stephan seperately) did the Disney parks for another four days. Lots or rain and weather slickers this year. P.S.: Thanks TPR for the rain slickers for the KBF day.
  6. Space Mountain at Disneyland. My friend from Dallas and I just completed our 3rd annual WCB (we met in the Deja Vu line back in 2009) and she had never been to Disney. We did four full days there and the finale was a final spin on Space Mountain, full hour long line as all the fast passes were gone. The line was actually fun (well as much as it can be) as you're not packed tight with others and you can comment, laugh, gauck, and have fun.
  7. Nothing better on a warm summer day. Perilous Plunge followed by Bigfoot Rapids followed by Timber Mountain Log Ride 'sit down' and then dry off on that swinging swing ride (whatever they call it).
  8. Robb, I have to say that I am both a TPR'er and an ACE'er. When I got back into amusement parks ACE was the first group I found, but have since be devoted to TPR. Looking forward to what lies for Halloween this year in SoCal!
  9. Everyone, when you pack for the weekend remember to bring umbrellas and/or a waterproof jacket or hoodie. It's supposed to be off & on showers/rain at both locales Sat - Mon.
  10. Ha Robb, We'll see. Just, when I see you you at WCB don't go around saying I'm evil like at KBF's haunt last year. Just joking. You're great. 'Winning'
  11. Thanks Robb, Elissa and others. I appreciate your comments. I don't want to be a pawn of a slanted media expose. Maybe I won't go. But I will be a full-fledged participant of WCB 2011.
  12. I am going to be part of a live local television report from Superman at SFMM this Wednesday the 9th. KTLA Ch. 5 are doing it from about 6:30am - 9:30am and they want riders and fans to be there as riders and background. This came to me through ACE (sorry).
  13. Just know your stomach before loading up on bagels and donuts, and coffee and orange juice. On an empty stomach all that dough and acid can play tricks when you hit X2 and Tatsu.
  14. SURE you can! My friend and I are doing four days at Disney immediately afterwards.
  15. Yes. If you're just 13 and coming alone you will have no problem having a great time and meeting people. Two years ago at an ACE event (sorry) I met a 16 year old guy (Ryan from Cleveland) and we hung out and did the park togeter. I was 46 and he was 16. Some folks might find that uncomfortable but we were both there to enjoy the park and had a great time. That being said, I go many times by myself and have never met others and had a great time!
  16. Robb, Was the old Himalaya (whatever they call it now, Atom Smasher, or Grinder Gearworks) or as you call it Ladder: The Ride being rehabed or taken out?
  17. Anyone else going up early (Friday night) and want to get together for a pre-bash dinner/happy hour? We're staying at the HGI?
  18. No, you have a piece of Terminator! (I still have my piece, too.) It looks like I'm going to miss the entire weekend. But for all of you who do go, you're going to have a great time as I did every time I've been. If you haven't already, SIGN UP! Eric Too bad you won't be there Eric. We never went together but seemed to meet each time. And yeah, I have two pieces of Terminator, one of them signed by Jay, Neil, and Tim.
  19. So true. One thing though, the free breakfast usually ends by the time the park opens to the public. But between AM and PM ERT you can get all the coasters in, many times, from different seats and then when the GP is there hit all the flat rides, water rides, TPR events, etc... And right after the park opens to the GP the back of the park (Riddler, Batman, Scream) are still pretty empty. GoldRusher, Colossus, and Revolution are short lines or walk-ons almost anytime.
  20. My friend is taking care of our hotels but twice in the past I have gotten the Best Western (directly across The Old Road off MMPrkwy) for about $55.
  21. Especially over by Thrill Shot and those other two up-charge attractions. No one is ever on them.
  22. I still remember when these rides were called the Himilaya and Electric Rainbow. Much more lights before they made them 'darker' ala the Gotham Backlot theme. Also the Enterprise.
  23. A lot of folks have mentioned this is their first time at WCB and some are attending solo and a bit apprehensive. This will be my third consecutive WCB (and yes I have attended ACE events too). I have attended solo many times and virtually EVERY time I have hooked-up with another solo attendee or even a group. What everyone has said about how friendly and outgoing everyone is is absolutely true. Don't even think twice about coming by yourself. I live locally and two years ago I met another solo girl from Texas. We spent the entire event together. We stayed in touch and did it all together last year. And this year we're doing it again as well as four days at Disney after WCB. She pays her airfare and hotels, I do the driving and plan all our 'one-off' excursions and we split everything else. What began as a chance encounter in the line at Deja-Vu two years ago is now a ten day event. Also in the past I've gotten a ride (when I didn't have a car) back to my hotel from some guys I met at X2 at the end of the night. In conclusion, it is beyond friendly and helpful. My experiences are not unique but the norm. Come on out and you WILL have a great time. Just five weeks to go!
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