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The Official West Coast Bash 2011 Thread - SFMM & KBF

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^I completely disagree with you. Xcelerator accelerates 0-82 in 2.3 seconds while Superman accelerates 0-100 in 7 seconds, and that's a huge difference to me.

Xcelerator's launch is similar to TTD's launch which is 0-120 in 4 seconds.

I find Xcelerator one of the most intense coasters I've been on, especially compared to Superman.

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And it's looking like we may miss the rain for most of the Knott's day. Only a 20% chance now and they are saying the rain won't be until later in the day.


So we should be able to get through Morning ERT and most of the day activities before the rain comes. Hopefully the "threat" of rain will keep people away from the park during normal operating hours.

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West Coast Bash weekend starts TOMORROW!!!


Remember! Event Check in at Magic Mountain begins at 7:20am. DON'T BE LATE!!!


Some people have asked how to use the "check in" feature on Facebook. Please note - this doesn't mean event check in for WCB! Facebook check-in is something totally different! I'm know some of you who may not be up with the latest social networking lingo (Hi Dan, this means you), and if you have Facebook on your iPhone (or lesser quality smartphones), this is what you want to do...


To "check-in" using Facebook Places

1. Go to your iPhone Facebook app

2. Click "Places"

3. Click "Check In"

4. Click "West Coast Bash 2011!"

5. Add your friends that are with you!


To upload photos to TPR's Facebook throughout the day, first you have to add the TPR Facebook page:

1. Go to your iPhone Facebook app

2. Add TPR's Facebook page by clicking the + in the upper right hand corner

3. Click "Search"

4. Type in "Theme Park Review"

5. Add Theme Park Review as a favorite page! (You might have done this anyway)


And then to add a photo:

6. Click on the Theme Park Review page.

7. Click the Photo buttom

8. Choose or take a photo, write a caption, and upload it!



Weather for weekend is calling for 30% chance of rain with scattered showers throughout the weekend.

Please prepare for the possibility of rain. Both parks have back-up plans in case of rain, so don't worry!

Regardless of the weather - the event will be AWESOME!!!


TPR Quest!

TPR Quest will take place at Knott's during lunch. If you have done TPR Quest before, please don't tell anyone what it is!

If you're not doing the Knott's day then you're missing out on the coolest thing of the entire weekend. Don't worry - we'll take pictures!


That's it! Have a great time at West Coast Bash! See you this weekend!

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^Thanks for the clarification on the check-in, that's what I thought, but having it spelled out helps. Oh, and I see Valecia has a high of 69 today.


I actually hope the weather stays cool, last year it got a little hot in the middle of the day, and since I'm fat and had chowed down at lunch it was a little uncomfortable. Looking forward to morning ERT since I'm a fan of B & M coasters. I'm gonna get dressed and sit in the car til it's time to go.

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Guess What!?! less than 12 hrs until we get all the coasters and Magic Mountain our little (or big) bodies can take!!!!! And then 24 hrs after that, those who're going o Knott's get it again, Knott's style!!! I swear, I'm not excited in the least... I haven't been wearing coaster shirts all week... or bragging to my friends about how big a nerd I get to be!!


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A few questions...


What usually happens at the KBF portion of West Coast Bash? Is it mostly behind-the-scenes tours, or does it include going on all the rides? (I'm not a fan of thrill rides, but I love seeing how things work)

Would a Knott's employee or season pass holder have to buy tickets to get in for West Coast Bash? Is there any sort of discount rate that excludes the cost of admission?

When would it be possible to know what may be in store for people at West Coast Bash 2012?


I've never been, but I'd sure love to go!

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