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NEWS: Ark Encounter theme park set for Northern Kentucky

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Just saw this announcement here in the Cincinnati area. The Creation Museum located in Northern Kentucky is announcing today a new Noah's Ark themed theme park also to be located in Northern Kentucky.


See the links below for more info:



This link starts at 4 p.m. eastern time today:



The concept art looks very immersive!

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from the website - "The Ark Encounter will include a full-scale Ark, built according to the biblical dimensions and constructed with materials and methods as close as possible to those of Noah’s time."


Now to prove all the fundamentals wrong, I'd like to see them try to fit a pair of every animal species into that space.


Maybe they can use the wood from the Big Dipper to build the ark.

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The really scary thing is that I think they will reach their goal. Just think of all of the fanatic people that will give all of their money to see this happen. There are people that give their last dime to the 700 Club and TBN. They already have over $100,000 for this. This is nutty.

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Well, at least they have a facebook, twitter, RSSfeed, youtube channel, .com, a FAQ section, media section,$112,500 of 24.5 million raised so far, and concept art. So it would seem as if they already have a leg up on the competition...


**Edit, this is off the wall, but wonder who will insure an all wood structure?

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Those donation prices are insane.


As a Christian, I would rather donate my money to a good Christian cause, such as a missionary or other church-operated charities, not to a theme park which may or may not be successful.


Agreed, though I am not a Christian. Send your money where it'll actually do some good.

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This park seem... LAME! I'm sorry, but the park needs rides and major attractions to get business. I would rather go to beech bend then this place. This park is about 45 miles from Kings Island, and is less about 60 or 70 miles away from Kentucky Kingdom. I just can't see this park making a lot of business.

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I certainly agree that they are kidding themselves is they think that they can get 1.6 million people a year through the gate but a park like this could certainly find the right kind of niche (and financial backing) to be moderately successful as destination for youth groups, church retreats, etc. If something like the creation museum (which, as a christian, I found to be literally laughable) can be viable, then this endeavor probably can too. I would expect that conservative/religious group attendance and donations will keep this place running for at least a few years.

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