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Last concert you attended?


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Finally got the chance to see the Dutch rock/symphonic metal band Within Temptation tonight during their world tour which only included 4 USA dates (6 North American total), and it was definitely worth it!


What's hotter than a kickass Dutch chick in leather, a corset, and fluffy white coat with an angelic voice being backed up by a rock band?


You can remove the coat and show more skin, that always makes the concert more entertaining, though the music itself was incredible


Sharon and crew really rocked Rams Head Live. That girl's got some pipes on her, and the band sure knows how to play!


Hopefully next time they do more dates in North America, but if anyone has the chance to see them, I recommend it (as will Dave Thomas). SEE THEM!!!

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Not sure how much you branch into the heavy side of the spectrum but if you like a good female lead you could check out bands like Nightwish (basically another within temptation, Personally I think their original singer was better but still good), Orianthi (she was actually Michael Jackson's guitarist and is a damn fine song writer), then you can get heavier with bands like The Agonist (the heaviest of my suggestions but this girl can keep up with any male screamer out there but also has some bery good cleans), Lacuna Coil, In This Moment (Their first album blew me away), Otep. I love a good female vocalist every now and again.

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I went to X-Fest last Sunday, a radio station-sponsored rock festival. Downplay, Emphatic, Black Stone Cherry, Kopek, Adelitas Way, Skillet, Alter Bridge, Five Finger Death Punch, Theory of a Deadman, and Staind. The first two were pretty good, I missed Kopek (what I overheard was meh), BSC and Adelitas Way. Skillet (my favorite band) killed, although after watching their full set with pyros and everything in June, it wasn't mind-blowing for me (my friends held other opinions fortunately and couldn't stop saying how impressed they were). Alter Bridge is way too talented at their instruments, their dueling guitar solos was fascinating. 5FDP was simply disgusting, in a good way. They were actually cut a song short, and Ivan, the lead singer, also claimed that they were asked to tone it down a bit because they were getting the crowd too raucous. He followed by demanding that everyone in the crowd "surf your f**king way up here and shake my f**king hand"...later he was calling out younger kids to come up from the crowd and stand beside the elevated stage out of fear for their safety from all the moshing and surfing in the crowd. Why parents would bring littler kids to a thing like this in the first place baffles me...Theory was what I expected, but I'm not huge on them so I took most of their set's time to catch up on the football games. Staind was fantastic for a closer, although they ended really awkwardly on a softer acoustic song, and just kinda walked off the stage. That excepted, they had a solid mix of classic Staind with their new edgy heavy stuff. At one point between songs, Aaron Lewis stopped to say that if he saw any guy trying to cop a feel on a surfing female, he'd stop the song, "single the motherf**ker out and not start the show back up until all the guys around him beat the f**king s**t outta him." Such a scenario did never happened. I think Shinedown did a better job closing the previous year, but regardless, it was a very solid day of music.


Next show will be Anberlin and Switchfoot at the end of the month.

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I saw The Fixx last night. Was my 3rd time seeing them and as usual a great show. That band is just so underrated. I've met them a couple times too and they're very nice guys. Only disappointment last night was I was hoping they'd play "Built for the Future" and they didn't. Oh well. I did get the drummer's setlist, so I've gotten one at every Fixx show I've been to so far. Yay!


In 8 days I'll be seeing Duran Duran for my 12th and most likely final time. I love them to death (been a fan almost 30 years), but I am so tired of hearing the same tired setlist over and over. It's at the point I do beer runs during Hungry Like the Wolf, Ordinary World, The Reflex, etc. I'm just tired of the "hits". They have an new album out that's probably their best in 20 years or more and they're only doing a few songs off it. WTH? They did some rehearsal shows in the UK where they played some old obscure stuff and even stuff they've never played live before. We're maybe a week or so into the US tour now and they have yet to play any of those songs yet, which is disappointing to me since the songs of theirs I like the best are mostly non-singles and b-sides.

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Arcade Fire for a giant free show at the Place des Arts in Montreal, Quebec. It was amazing! The band sounded good as usual, and the atmosphere of being outside right in the middle of the city was just perfect. It was estimated that 101,000 people showed up for the show.

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Went to the local Theatre last week to see The Straits.......


Quick Explanation, When Dire Straits split up, Mark Knopfler is well reported as saying he is not interested in performing with Dire Straits again (fast forward 20 years)


Alan Clark who was the Keyboardist for Dire Straits from 1980 till the split happened was contacted for a Charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall, he was asked if he could do something Dire Straits related, so he contacted another Ex Dire Straits member (Chris White (an amazing Saxophone player btw) and they decided to form "The Straits", they have scoured the world looking at Dire Straits tribute bands looking for a suitable stand-in for Mark, however none of them were good enough or had the stand out style of Mark Knopfler, however one day they were looking at Youtube for people playing some of Dire Straits classic songs, and stumbled across a guy called Terence Reis from Mozambique, he plays with such an amazing style of guitar playing, he is almost Mark Knopfler's double! He also has a very similar sounding voice.....


....The Charity concert had rave reviews, there is so much demand for the sounds of Dire Straits to be heard live again they have decided to do a 10 date tour, I managed to see them on night 6 of their tour, and let me tell you, it was incredible, every major hit was played with amazing precision, I have attached a few videos I filmed of the gig, which the band asked everyone to do if they wanted to to try and do some extra promotion as they are having an amazing time doing the tour, they have said that if there is enough demand (and I think there will be) they will tour again next year, I will definitely be in line for those tickets!!!!






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Last weekend I saw Matt & Kim, My Chemical Romance, and Blink-182. It was epic as expected!!


Same. Great show, though the guys from Blink definitely show their age now. Not as much energy anymore.

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I've been to at least one show a week since school started and as my stint comes to a close, I think I will recap on the best.


FYF Fest @LA Historic Park- Pretty good festival, was really excited to see Olivia Tremor Control and got to see Nosaj Thing for my third time. Broken Social Scene killed it and Simian Mobile Disco was a huge dance party.


Reid Speed, Cyberoptics, and FS @Crest Theater- drove out to Fresno for this one and was well worth it. Got backstage with a friend of mine who has played gigs for these promoters. Loud, obnoxious unrelenting bass!


Deadmau5, Excision @Hollywood Palladium- meh, way over this cheesy house and soulless dubstep. My other times seeing Excision were better. Deadmau5 was same old same old (expected).


No Age, John Wiese @The Smell- my first time going to The Smell and was one of the most interesting shows I have attended. Right after I got back from Fresno from the Reid Speed show, I headed straight for The Smell. Got to see a band perform a set in the bathroom and heard what was possibly the loudest music I have ever heard (this coming from someone who has attended countless shows in his life). Really fun afternoon. OH and on a side note, out of the 40 people there, there was a fairly tall man wearing a 2010 WCB t-shirt. small world.


TV on the Radio, Artic Monkeys, Panda Bear, Smith Westerns, Warpaint @Hollywood Bowl- drove straight from LAX after flying across the country to the Hollywood Bowl for this one. Pretty fun night. I had seen most of the artists, but I was so stoked to finally see Panda Bear and he certainly did not disappoint. Staring at the Sun by Tv on the Radio brought back a lot of great memories from my younger days.


Star Slinger, Shigeto @Troubadour- what a great night this was, Shigeto was unreal and handing his synth to me at the end of the show after I asked him what it was. Star Slinger was just what I expected, tore the Troub down.


Blink 182 @Hollywood Bowl- found out last minute that I was going. meh, not my thing.


Portishead @Shrine Expo Hall- I almost broke down after finally seeing Portishead. I was definitely one of the youngest there, but it was unbelievable regardless. Such a powerful band that I have finally checked off my list. They blew away my unbelievably high expectations.


Givers @987 Studio- somehow won a radio contest to see Givers at the 98.7 studio. There was maybe 10 other people there and they rocked it with a 4 song set. Got to meet and hang out with them after for a while and it was a wonderful experience.


Givers @Troubadour- got to see Givers later that night at the Troubadour with tickets I had bought long before I won the contest, and they were great. They are going to be huge one day, no doubt.


Eagle Rock Music Festival @Eagle Rock- a stellar free festival, even though it was the douchiest crowd I have encountered in a long time. Lineup was spectacular and included Jonwayne (madman), Nosaj Thing (fourth time seeing him), Gaslamp Killer (crazy), Flying Lotus (seem him a ton, repetitive and I have officially grown out of him), Dibiase (great), Teebs (laidback), Daddy Kev (decent), Tokimonsta (adorable little asian girl who I am going to marry someday), and Nobody (killer). really crowded, but a total blast.


Pretty good two months of shows and I am looking forward to the rest of Rocktober! If anyone wants to talk music, add me on Facebook. It is always nice to meet someone with similar interests.

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My last attended concerts were:


October 11, 2011 - Ladytron w/ VHS or Beta & Sonoio @ 9:30 Club, Washington, DC.

September 12, 2011 - Sade w/John Legend @ Scope Arena, Norfolk, VA.

September 4, 2011 - Human League/B-52 @ Mandalay Bay Beach, Las Vegas.

September 3, 2011 - Sade w/John Legend @ MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas.


Sade was absolutely incredible! There's a good chance she may not tour again so I'm glad I got to see her twice!

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I saw Yellowcard about 2 weeks ago for their Toronto show at the Phoenix.


I loved every second of it; the Phoenix is a really small concert theatre so we had a great view of the band and didn't even have to be in the pit. Their set list was just under 2 hours and encompassed songs from all of their albums.


Can't wait to see them again next year!

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I took my girlfriend to see The 2011 Honda Civic Tour on September 17 in Camden, NJ featuring Matt & Kim, My Chemical Romance, & Blink 182. I have no idea who I'll be seeing next but hopefully Green Day, Marilyn Manson, or Linkin Park (my favorite band who I saw back in January), whoever comes around my area first.

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