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The "Picture Of Me" Thread

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Me at a beach in Sandusky during a Cedar Point trip last year


Me during our last football game during the regular season. We made the playoffs but lost in the first round to the state runner-up.Varsity stater and second year varsity letter winner as a Junior!

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Showing off some new clothing (it's a big deal for me 'cause I tend to wear my favorites until they are so worn out that I'd be cited for indecency if I went out in public in them...) First up is

Two of the four challenges that have deeply impacted my life this year. All I'm missing is a murder hornet nest in my backyard. What a year.

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^Who cares what the teacher listens to, he's freaking HOT!! Teachers didn't look like that at my high school. If they did, I might have paid more attention in all of those damned AP classes.



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^^ I have to ask...where was that taken? It looks like some sort of streetlamp convention.




It's at Urban Lights in Los Angeles. It's a concrete slab with 200 lampposts that all light up at night.


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Ready to have your mind blown!?



This is me when I joined this forum.



This is a phase that I like to pretend never happened.



Anddd this is me right now (I literally just took this photo.)


Yeef. Seeing it black and white like that even freaks me out. It's hard to comprehend that I ever looked like that in the past, but, yeah!

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