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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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Amersfoort it is!

I got some really good price for an hotle,plus the place looks really nice for a late dinner and strolling around.


thank you all for the tips so far.

i will make an effort to post some trip reports after my visits to the parks.



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If you ask me they should stop investing in El Condor (The ride needs either the new trains or get out) and squares and but that money in to demolishing Robin Hood and replace it with a decent Woodie. That ride is really terrible.

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Apparently the renovations of El Condor have given the ride some problems during testing.


There is now to much friction creating the train to valley already after the first two loops.

The park's technicians are working hard to find what's failing, and they hope that they will get it open for opening day.


It's still nice to see that the new track has effected the ride, hopefully in a good way.



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^ the source of that source is a sensation website..


as far as I've found out they have fixed it already.

It has been freezing this week with a lot of wind and then it's easier to stall a ride.

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• Over 200 extras took part in the film playing fans, linesmen, players, managers and more.


• The rollercoaster travelled over 120km during filming and went round the track 100 times!


• The advert was filmed at the Walibi park near Amsterdam, and the rollercoaster is called ‘Goliath.’


• Nearly 20 cameras were used during the shoot, including ten which were attached to the roller coaster cars.


• A helicopter was also used during the shoot to capture the vital aerial shots.


• A crew of 120 people were on hand throughout the two days of filming.


• Director of photography was Ueli Steiger, who has previously worked on Hollywood movies including ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ ‘Austin Powers,’ and ‘Godzilla.’



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Love the forever alone guy. All I wondered after watching was why a Danish beer company would use a Dutch coaster. I think it's a very good commercial very well done, plus 2 things I like the most on this planet, beer and roller coasters.

(Looking at the video they might as well paint the supports green instead of the black as they do now.)

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