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Geauga Lake Discussion Thread

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^ Crap sorry...14 years. 1996 the site went live. But meh...14 years...16 years...who's counting?


Ha, yeah, i lurked a while before the forum went live


I Don't get it, i'm a member over there, i think i defended kat for like, 24 hours before she didn't actually show any proof of support or even a plan (I Can whip up plans for a multi-floor office building refresh of 300+ Seats, assign techs, and more, in a matter of hours) then i just said "Meh"


I still support the Idea of dipper made to run again, but i won't support someone without a plan.



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My two cents:


As someone who has actually purchased a roller coaster car (from the Idora Wildcat), I can almost guarantee that the Big Dipper trains are either


a) In the station

b) On site but in storage

c) Off site but also in storage.


When they auctioned the Wildcat coaster, the trains were a separate item. Why? Since they are custom made and one of a kind (more or less), they are worth far more than a ton of lumber. I highly doubt the trains were included in the sale of the Big Dipper.


Also, on the day of the Idora auction, the trains were on display on the midway. Again, I doubt the Big Dipper trains are sitting on the midway, especially 2 years after the auction. If so, they are basically junk since they've had to endure 2 years of rain, snow, bird poop, etc.


When I purchased my one train, it was loaded onto a HUGE flatbed that was pulled by another truck, secured with chains, and lifted on and off the flatbead with a crane. Even though it was only a 2 seater, it weighed a ton, literally!

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Well well, I try to show someone new, who on the surface seemed ever so slightly put out with Kat, a little respect and be nice to them especially in a forum of this magnatitude and love for Kat and what happens? I let me guard down and now I feel like a fool Oh well


pknopp posted this over at the GL site:

LOL, it took less than one day to get banned there. I may have to go into therapy. LOL

Betty Ford has Lindsey Lohan, they should both get along well




The pictures below were taken from the auction listing on Ebay back in Sept. It was said at that time that the ride wouldn't be broken up and sold, i.e. cars seperate from the ride. This coupled with the news story makes me think they very well could still be sitting outside. I agree with pianojohn, if they are still sitting outdoors, they are junk, of course with Kat's expert opinion, with a little grease, they could be placed on the track and ran today.



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I still support the Idea of dipper made to run again, but i won't support someone without a plan.

What I don't think many people understand is that this is TPR's stance as well.


Again, I doubt the Big Dipper trains are sitting on the midway, especially 2 years after the auction. If so, they are basically junk since they've had to endure 2 years of rain, snow, bird poop, etc.

But that's the thing, they ARE! Just look at this picture that was taken about a month ago...



You can see the trains are all out there. I guarantee you they didn't move them there to take that picture. This is most likely where they have been sitting since the auction. Just look at the auction picture posted above. It seems to match. So from what I can tell those trains have been sitting outside for the past two years.

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Being outside that long, in all of the Ohio elements, will require major dollars to rebuild and refurbish. Looking closely at the auction pictures, the running gear shows rust, and I'm sure it's more than just surface rust. Wheels aren't cheap, multiply that out by 5 cars and two trains, and wow, mega dollars. Then comes a restraint system cleaning, check, and parts replacement where needed, new seat belts (yeah, I said it) new seat cushions, etc etc.


I can almost equate this situation, situation being that someone bought the Big Dipper, to buying stocks. If you don't do your research before you buy, you could stand to lose a lot of money. You could also end up making a sound investment and making lots of money. The choice, however, is up to the individual to research, study, and understand before putting their money on the table.


Case in point, someone (me) bought GM stock before the bankrupty and bailout. I knew it was a risk, but I didn't fully understand their financial situation. I didn't lose much, but enough to kick me in the a$$. Since then, I did extensive research, studied the current situation, and bought Dollar Thrifty when no one was touching it for $1 per share. I sold off at $30 per share, it's now above 40. Bottom line, study now, be happy later.

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Might as well derive humor from this situation, 'cause otherwise it's abjectly pathetic. I'm very interested to learn whether the new owners will incur a penalty from failure to remove their property by the deadline. If so, may others who leap without looking learn from this sorry mess.


prknopp had me going with that first, sincere-sounding post. None of it is reliable, but if there was anything to it, it says a lot about Kat.


This is a coaster fan's soap opera, complete with the histrionics. I can't wait to see how it ends. Probably in match sticks.

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That Katie broad is deranged. She needs medication.

So do most of the people on this forum...just not quite as much.


There are 2 kinds of deranged...

-The funny drunk uncle, who's "with it" enough to remember his pants and wallet, but "off" enough that he hasn't had a healthy relationship in decades and is banned from several eating establishments for making "off color" remarks.


-The crazy, reclusive aunt, who stopped showing up to family holidays years ago, and spends more money annually on cat food and kitty litter than she does on things for herself.

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Hi guys, My name is Mark and I am a newbie on this site. I looked around this site and forums and I like the style, so I thought I would join. I live in the Cleveland, OH area and frequented Geauga Lake a lot in my day and like most of you, I want to see the Big Dipper up and running again, but this has turned into a complete trainwreck with Kat buying it. Unfortunately I think the Dipper will end up as a bunch of toothpicks, and anyone that doesn't see that is a dreamer. She bought it without having a plan!?!? Then she expects people to jump on board and donate to her dream of tearing it down and putting it back up somewhere else. Do I want to see it happen? Yes, of course. Can it happen? Maybe. Do I think it WILL happen? Probably not. The old owner has to be laughing all the way to the bank when he thinks about Kat and her dream.

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To take a page from Tim Burton's Big Fish:


Everyone: Why are you buying this, Kat? Some sort of midlife crisis? Instead of buying a convertible, you buy a coaster?


Kat: Helping to preserve this ride makes me happy.


Everyone: I'm not convinced you should be happy.

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I also just want to put it out there that Kat's site has still not been updated since October 20th. There has also been no communication from them to any of the people who made donations.


I find it even more insulting that she would call Prince Desmond a "scam" when so far the only person that would appear to be a scam, is her.


Seriously, if someone were to donate $50 to TPR, I would immediately email them and say thank you!



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