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Theme park Passes Thread

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Where do you have passes to? Also post a pass picture if you want since we all know they are the best photos ever!(At least mine sure isnt)


I have a Deluxe Annual pass to disneyland. I am also an ex universal pass holder now that I am busier with school. I will post my pass picture tomorrow, but I look kind of like the joker.

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Cedar Fair Platinum, Disneyland Premium, and Six Flags. Pictures are all too faded/grainy, and didn't scan well. Also, Knott's Berry Farm was out of the platinum pass cards when I went to process it, so I have a yellow card that causes a ton of headaches because none of the other cedar fair parks believe me when I say it's real. I'm about 9 hours from Knott's, but they were open before CGA.

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Just have a Merlin Annual Pass vaild for UK Merlin attractions, Alton Towers Thorpe Park are where its used the most.


My only dislike is when its time to renew, they add crappy restrictions like every year i.e £5 pre-booked ticket for Thorpe Fright Nights. (no Thanks) and when they added Sealifes/Sanctuaries which bump the price up.


Do have a handfull of past seasons American Park passes (2006 to 2009), which were very usefull when coastering credit ticking. With the Sixflags one being the best value. It's crazy how cheap it sold for

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Six Flags Great America Pass

Kings Island Platinum Pass

Universal Orlando Annual Pass (got from a friend)

Sea World Orlando Annual Pass (got from a friend)


I usually stick with just the SF and CF pass. I used to have a USF/IoA pass and BGT/SWO pass I paid monthly for but I dont go enough to make it worth it, especially with hookups to get in free!

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I finally canceled my Busch platinum pass earlier this year, and now have no season passes left. In the past, I've also held passes to Six Flags, Dollywood, Universal Orlando, Cypress Gardens, and Wild Adventures (one park one year, the other the next)

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