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NoLimits 2 - Wishlist

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1. intamin

-new trains (otsrs)

-original accelerator trains(xcellerator)

-straps(new i305)

-new intamin track like i305


2. B&M

-dive machine(floor and floorless 8 or 10)

-hypercoaster gen 2

-gardaland prototype style


3.S&S power

-powder keg style

-thrust air 2000






-4th dimension




-built in newton

-more from vekoma(new trains/new styles)


EDIT:more from S&S

-new "ring racer"cars

-four across cars

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Coasters. B&M Second Gen Hyper, Arrow Suspended Swinging, Intamin Looping, B&M Dive machine floorless 10 across, and 4th demension.


Features. The ability to add more than one coaster to a park with a system that gives the park t5 times more space than the one we currently have. Better prefab support system for easier ride supporting. Better station with more variety Better graphics (Already Amazing), And a better 3d creation system that is made to work with the game specifically.


Sister Programs. Coaster car creator. Coaster track creator. 3d creator for both noobs and pro's And Better Teraformer.

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^^It's on a sort of "wait-and-see" basis right now. Ole Lang (the game's sole programmer) hasn't put out an update since July, but claimed he was swamped with work. He originally pitched an extremely late 2010-early to mid 2011 release date, but nothing is set in stone. I gotta admit, I give the guy a lot of credit for doing this entire project solo.

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I'd like them to take a cue from Scream Machines and make the supports more beautiful and customizable--thickness choice, footer size and shape, joints welded together and actually touching. I really like the way Scream Machines handles the nodes after they're placed: there's a way to lock two of the axes, so that a user is able to affect the bezier curve confining it to one plane of movement (which helps when trying to build a drop that is on a diagonal when looking down from the top-view).


Sounds too. It would be nice if they got the antirollback sounds correct for each of the coaster types. B&Ms, for instance, are pretty constant in their sound, but currently the antirollback sounds are a loop of assymetric sounding clicks. Realistic brake sounds and behavior (brakes make sounds when they close in real life). Catwalks on non-transport/lift/brake segments. Choice of antirollbacks on the transport sections (or anywhere else for that matter, as on some woodies). Choice of "car-tire" transport for some B&Ms (like the old standups). (But from the photos I've seen of new B&Ms their brake segments are changing styles so that might be obsolete in a while rcdb.com/8983.htm?p=30648). New Intimidator305 looking Intamin track.


If they're going to do the maintenance sheds, they could do the computer room below the station and the air compressor too for the heck of it (that's how nerdy I am ) However, that kind of stuff could be accomplished with 3D scenery since it's kind of "detached" from the roller coaster itself. So, if one person made air compressor and PLC scenery objects, that would accomplish this. Sensors would be nice too. I don't know how much of what is the new NoLimits will be dynamic (in NoLimits 1, it's just the restraints, the trains, the transport/lift, the brakes, the sky, and water) So restraint locking/unlocking bars and retractable floors would be nice, but I don't know how customizable the stations would be or not be if they did those things.



All those little details reflect real life roller coasters, and so I think they would make for a more realistic, immersive experience. Of course as with Nolimits 1, updates could provide more of the stuff as time goes on.

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I want to see moving/swaying track. Coasters in real live move around a lot (i.e. Wicked Twister).


Two train dispatch stations would be awesome, too!


I think the block system should be much more advanced. Modern day coasters move trains around much more efficiently than just the simple block systems in NL1. I think there should be triggers (basically like proxy sensors) you can place along the track that release certain blocks or stop certain blocks. The block system that's implemented is just too frustrating when trying to recreate real coasters, especially Intamins.

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Being able to choose what kind of tunnel to use, for example: a terrain tunnel which cuts the hills and ground into a concrete or steel (your choice) tunnel or ditch with your choice of degrees of the sides and shape of the bottom/top.Also being able to place water anywhere instead of just at the lowest part of the map with tunnels that could go through water, as well as custom shaped tunnels.

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I've been posting on countless forums about this for as long as I can remember!


I've always said I want to see updated LSM and LIM's, hydraulic launch systems, cable lifts, magnetic brakes...nerd stuff like that.


When it comes to coaster styles, I'd love to see more realistic GCI's, wing coasters (B&m and Intamin) and of course what has already been confirmed by the team (4D coasters, Intamin rocket coasters, dive machines, flyers.) I'd also love to see the new premier style coasters and launch systems, but I'm not counting on anything that recent. Suspended coasters would just make me .


I'd also be so happy if they included splashdowns with B&M's, though I guess that's been semi confirmed because in the dive machine renderings, you can see the scoops.



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