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NoLimits 2 - Wishlist

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1. I'd love to see a "custom view" as mentioned before.


2. Custom car designs. You should be able to specify weight, # and type of wheels, friction coefficient, drag coefficient, etc... but even something like having freedom to design the exterior, but leave the guts (interior) to the guy who knows best (Kinda like RC cars)


3. More import options for 3D models and scenery (other than .3ds. unless there are other options out there already...)

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-More than one coaster per map

-Fixing of the catwalk system (this has probably been mentioned before, but this is the thing that gets on my nerves the most)


-4D coasters


-B&M flyer

-Transfer and switch tracks

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-More customizable track segments (tilt sections, a reverse launch from a stop at a brake, drop sections, a modified tilt section for roll instead)

-Better integrated 3d capability (beyond just supports and catwalks)

-Customizable 3d 'cartextures' an editable 3d mesh as opposed to simple graphic (without the mirroring issue from side to side)

-More launch options (hydraulic, compressed air, LSM [with multiple fin types], flywheel and more) each with their own acceleration patern

-Better connection between support tubes meeting at the same node.

-An integrated force vector based design system with an interface similar to the a 2d version of the current track design interface so the transition is fully customizable but could be set to a predefined one or one you created and then saved (I know it the description is clear as mud but anyways)

-Editable spine size on B & M's

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B&M Wing Coasters

Intamins 4 across (skyrush train)

Intamin Wingrider

S&S 4D

2nd Gen B&M Hyper Trains

B&M Flyers


Additional Features

Cable Lifts

Hydraulic Launches

Dual Loading Stations

On B&M Hypers and rides with Zero Cars, customizable zero car designs (or at least a choice between a few)

Easier building of tunnels without 3DS

Hyper/Dive Machine Splash Downs


More than one ride per map

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On my Wishlist I want:

-4D Coasters

-effects like fire and fog

-Onride Music

-BM Wingrider

-To personally thank Ole For designing this beautiful software


That be all,


YESS!! THAT WOULD ILL, ESPECIALLY THE FIRE AND FOG! I would be having mad fun on NL2 if it had fire.

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- splashes when you hit the water

- Wingcoaster

- Gen 2 of the hyper

- Items for wingcoaster near-misses



- 4-D

- el loco

- S&S flat rides



- Aquatrax

- Superman escape from krypton vechicles and ride type

- Giga Splash



- On ride audio

- Walt disney's carslands Radiator Springs Racers ride system with the cars for the ride

- Fire and fog

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I'd enjoy having much more details on the ride, including the actual motor design, decent looking catwalks which aren't paper thin, and more detail on the station, giving more possibilities to change the style and look of the station itself.


As for additions to coaster types, it would be pleasant to have some of the following:


- Intamin Blitz

- Wingriders as well as 2nd generation B&M hyper trains and a dive machine.


Maybe to make it look more authentic and enjoyable for POV's to add people to make it a little less lonely when riding it. Most of the previous comments have summed up much of my thoughts.

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I think that a couple of more... things would be good:

1) OTSR Intamin Trains

2) Skyrush-esque trains

3) Extra B&M Styles (Flyer, Wingrider, Generation2 Hypers, Dive Machines)

4) Morgan/Arrow Hyper style trains

5) A "style creator", allowing you to create custom zero-cars, wheel covers, ect.

6) A "wear and tear" component, allowing you to choose how rusty the track is, how smooth it is, ect.

7) A choice to give a ride lap-bars or OTSRs.

8) In-game .3ds saving

9) Ride-triggered effects, made with a particle effect editor.

10) An option to copy a .3ds object along a coaster's path.

11) Realistic catwalks... for once.

12) Custom train designs (Pretty much a custom restraint/seating editor)

13) The option to import a custom logo for a ride, and an option not to have the Nolimits logo on the trains.

14) Water dummies!

15) More "Physics based" rides (Bobsled coasters, Suspended coasters, Drifting coasters)

That's all I have for now.

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There are two main things I really want to see. One is a map that is as large as we want it to be allowing for monstrous terrain coasters. I want a 10 mile long coaster that never comes into the sight line of any other part of the ride. Yes, I'm serious.


The other is the ability to design around the heartline of the coaster rather than around the spine. Heartlining a ride is a seriously annoying, tedious process by hand (for those of us who prefer working by hand) and being able to design the path of the heartline rather than that of the track would be quite a useful tool.

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I'm super excited for NL2. Here are some features that I would want to add though. Many are already planned/complete, but here they are anyways. Some of these are more ridiculous then others, and I do NOT expect ANY of these to be in the final NoLimits version (except for some of the coaster styles).


Coaster Styles:

4D, B&M Flyer, Dive Machine, Swinging Suspended, Wing Rider, Timberliners, ZacSpin cars, drifting coasters

Also, an easy(ier) way for people to make their own cars and import them. Reference pieces of track via 3ds models for example.


Ole said he wasn't sure how to do prefabs. If I was him, I'd try to make it so they are "separate" types of track pieces then the regular ones (i.e. they don't have verticies except on both ends), that way they couldn't be screwed up as easily. Also, a build-in prefab editor would be nice. Right now, putting in prefabs is a pain on the @$$, as it often screws up a lot of track before it (this is the same in scream machines by the way). A WYSIWYG-type prefab placer seems crucial, so you could automatically "see" which peices would go where, and their relative size. Perhaps a "new" track piece could be lead-in, which automatically creates a connection and updates smoothing/banking between two track pieces (including prefabs), without altering the pieces it is placed between. For example, if you had a 180 degree turn from a brake run into a station, by changing the piece type of the curve to "connector", it would automatically smooth itself to make sure both the station and brake run were still straight, but they "flowed" into each other smoothly.


More Ride Statistics: including numerical values of overall intensity, excitement,dizzy-inducing-ness, etc, just so its relative to other tracks.

Locking Pieces: Perhaps an option to "lock" verticies, so they couldn't be changed, only moved. Maybe also an option to lock their position as well


Scaling Elements: Let's say you have a turn, but you need it to be wider. Perhaps you could select the vertices making up the turn, hit transform, and then a box would come up letting you rotate,/scale/skew the selected track. I guess it would function much like photoshop in this sense:

Scenery Integration: Ability to use a grid system to place 3ds objects/3d models or align them with the track.

"Easy Edit" mode: a mode for beginners form RCT who can just string together prefabs without having to worry too much about complex hearlining and forces.

"Ride Wizard" mode: select a coaster style, a list of elements, max g-force, height, length and type (twister, kiddie ride), and the program will build a rough overview of a coaster. From there, things could be edited to be more smooth. Or perhaps even a random-all button (aircoaster for iphone does this).


Online Browser: If anyone here has ever played Garry's Mod, I believe they have something called the "toybox." Basically, its a window in the game that allows people to download (temporarily) any user-created thing uploaded to the toybox servers. Its pretty much a cloud service for the game. It would be nice if tracks, prefabs, etc, were done in the same sort of fashion; from straight in the game you could ride tracks w/o having to download them permanently, and rate them on-the-go. This could also be great to have a voted "track of the week," that everyone can see and download on the front page. Of course, if you're offline, any you haven't downloaded wouldn't show up.


Other random ideas:

create a custom soundtrack to be played either synced to the ride or unsynced to the ride.

Particle effects/ride trigger points for animations (like you add a trigger much like a support, and link that trigger with whatever animation/particle effect)

Prefab supports/normal supports that have collision detection.

Align side-view camera to a track piece's axis (so if you were building a loop at 45 degrees relative to the top view, you could easily edit it sideways without having to guess too much)

Be able to start "ride" at any given point and loop it.

Transfer Tracks that function as lifts/tilts/freefall sections (like th13teen or whatever its called)

G's viewable in editor window.

Separate Sliders for visual wear-and tear and overall track bumpiness

Share/save color schemes for cars and tracks

More station buildings

More lift types (cable, fat chain, covered chain, magnetic lift)

Dual stations

Weather Effects

Adjust friction for specific pieces

1st person mode (where you "walk" around the queue/on the track)

More then one track on map/ability to sync coasters to each other

On-ride photo piece (doesn't actually take pictures using webcam or anything lol)

Waterfalls and fountains and such

Build a car (choose type of car/base car, type of restraint, type of seat, etc.). Nothing crazy, but you could change restraints on certain cars for example

More launch types (LIM, LSM, Magnetic, Air/hydraulic, water-launch ).

RCT import (if legal)

NoLimits 1 backwards compatibility (unless its difficult)

NOTE: I've included a picture as an attachment of an idea for the browser for stuff. When you have a lot of tracks or prefabs, it is nice to have some way of organizing them. Here is a suggestion for just prefabs, but tracks could be done somewhat the same.


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I really hope for better catwalks that can be customized. I really want TOGO, Meiwa, Meisho, Takahashi Kikai Sangyo, Nippon, Senyo Kogyo, Sansei, Taniguchi Seisakusho, Saeki, Ikeda Works and Masago Industrial coaster track styles and their unique trains that go with them.

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New coaster Styles

Bolliger & Mabillard: Wing Coaster, Hyper Coaster Gen 2, Flying, Dive Machine

Intamin: Zac Spin, LSM Launch Coaster, Wing Rider, Wooden Pre Fab

MACK: Launch Coaster, Bobsled

Chance Morgan: Hyper Coaster

S & S: 4D Coaster

Rocky Mountain Company: Iron Horse

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