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  1. Hey all, I'll be going to PA next week. I bought a "2 day, 2 parks" ticket in order to go to Ferrari Land as well (basically for Red Force). The original plan was to split the visit to one day at PA and one at Ferrari Land. I've been wondering if I could get both parks on the same day instead of splitting it... Do you think it's possible? I checked on Google Maps and it says the park entrances are about 10 minutes apart (by foot, does that make sense?). So I thought we'd start with Ferrari Land just to get the Red Force credit in the morning, and then go to PA for the rest of the day. If you guys have any thoughts or tips on this plan I'd love to hear them. Thank you much!
  2. Wow! This park is like the epitome of all things awesome. I so wish I could go!
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