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When will Theme Park Review open... their Theme Park

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When will Theme Park Review open... their Theme Park


We got the site, the trips and the club... but when is Theme Park Review going to open their own theme park! Now that would be an instant success!


Ok! I'm only goofing around, but still, imagine! Wouldn't it be a park full of the best rides? And donkeys of course!


I wonder what would be in a Theme Park Review park and what would be the name of the park!

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Actually if there are any venture capitalists out there Robb, Joey, and myself have often times come up with amazing plans for parks that would actually be fun and make money...something that seems not to happen very often here in the US!

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The Bryan and Adam's Excellent Adventure Show is already booked for the 2013 season of TPRLand... We would have debuted a year earlier, but Music Park Myrtle Beach (formerly Hard Rock Park, then Freestyle Music Park) had us booked for the season.

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Ice Bat's Land Of Difficult Situations & Dire Consequences is just waiting to be built.





Dave, you would be in charge of the music that gets played throughout the park.


No. Elissa mentioned something about making money.

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Elissa, I only have about $100 to invest, but I think it'd be awesome to hear some of your guys' plans!


Count me in on that. That's $200 already! Are we near what we need? I'm sure there are more people on the board with a $100 investment.

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More ideas:


* NYC Tornado Terror: The Experience (much in the same style as Twister at UO)

* Elissa-themed café, featuring skinless hot dogs, plain pasta and Yo Crabba Crabba

* Piers' Fancy Bistro

* Bench: The Ride

* Employ John to take photos of broken-down rides; this will reverse-psych the attractions into working again

* Rent-A-Kid service for the donkey-themed Roller Skater (NOTE: contact local authorities before doing this)

* Promotion: free drinks for every hour the outside temperature is NINETY DEGREES or above

* Line-jumpers / French-crunchers fed to Bantron™, The Lovable Sarlacc

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