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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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^I agree the ride seems overhyped and perhaps inappropriately themed/marketed, but I think even those of us who are critical would still ride it. (Or already have.) It's still a coaster and a credit. And I would imagine that people would still visit the park due to other draws.

Disclaimer: Speaking with very minimal knowledge here, and no personal experiences of the park.

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Alton Towers continues to show how awesome (at least when it comes to creativity) their marketing department is:


The Alton Towers Resort has confirmed it will not be running new ride Th13teen on Friday 13th August. The decision follows in-depth research which found that over 30 million Brits* consider themselves superstitious ( 64 % of UK, 62 % in the Midlands) and that one in three will change their behaviour on Friday 13th August for fear of bad luck.


As a result, the Alton Towers Resort has made the unexpected decision to temporarily close the ride as they fear that a large proportion of visitors will not feel comfortable riding a rollercoaster named after the number 13 on what many feel is the nation’s unluckiest day.


According to the research, which was undertaken in conjunction with superstition expert Professor Bruce Hood from the University of Bristol, a surprising 62% of people in the Midlands are superstitious -with the majority of superstitions based around bad luck. Nine out of ten people admitted to acting on these fears and a quarter (one in four) believe that Friday 13th is unlucky. Such precautions are not as trivial as they may seem, with loss of business due to superstition estimated to cost the US economy $800-900 million every Friday 13th**.


As a result, the Alton Towers Resort has decided to take the controversial step of closing Th13teen for the day on Friday 13th August – the first time the theme park has chosen to close a ride. Th13teen, which opened in March 2010, is the UK’s first ‘free-fall drop’ coaster and is based on the discovery of an unearthed crypt. Built on an ancient burial site, Th13teen takes riders on a gruelling journey through the Dark Forest where they face a battle with the unknown.


According to Professor Hood, the author of “SuperSense: From Superstition to Religion - The Brain Science of Belief,” these findings are not surprising. He said, “There is little evidence that superstitions have declined over the past 10 years and indeed recent studies show they increase in times of economic recession. People don’t like to tempt fate.”


Morwenna Angove, Sales and Marketing Director at the Alton Towers Resort said, “Our research has revealed that Brits are a seriously superstitious bunch and as our latest ride is named after the unluckiest of numbers, we’ve taken the decision to close that ride on Friday 13th to reassure our visitors. The rest of the Alton Towers Resort will, of course, be open for business as usual for braver guests! THI3TEEN may be the most technologically advanced rollercoaster in the UK but guests can still enjoy our other famous rides such as Nemesis and Oblivion, as well as our fun family attractions and amazing entertainment.”




· 31.6 Million Brits are superstitious


· 62% of people in Midlands consider themselves superstitious


· 1 in 10 of the UK population would not go on a rollercoaster on Friday the 13th


· A third of people (32%) change their behaviour on Friday the 13th for fear of bad luck


· Most popular superstitious beliefs in the Midlands:


- Breaking a mirror is a bad omen (64%)


- Walking under a ladder is bad luck (66%)


- Touching wood makes something come true (45%)


· 16-34 year olds are the most superstitious age group with 73% considering themselves to be superstitious compared to 58% of 45-54 year olds.


· Glasgow and Norwich are the most superstitious cities in the UK, Manchester and Sheffield are the least


· Women (74%) are more superstitious than men (50%)


· 49% of people do not know where their superstitions originate from



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I really wish Alton Towers would stop marketing this ride like it's the most terrifying thing ever. I mean, let's be honest here...it's a family ride...it's a FUN ride...but it's really just a nice Roller Skater through the woods with a Frog Hopper drop at the end.


KidTums would have LOVED it, if it was themed appropriately.


And to close your new major ride on a busy summer day? or even to just make an announcement?






...actually, in hind sight, they are doing the crowd a favour. Instead of making the public queue 45 - 90 minutes for something that won't live up to the hype, they are suggesting they go ride coasters like Nemesis which DO live up to the hype. I change my thoughts from "Stupid" to "GOOD MARKETING PLAN!"

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Magnetic ones will have the same affect whatever.


Mechanical ones are adjustable depending on speed or weight of the train and it's possible that they are less strong in there trimming, one would hope


You are right however that magnetic ones have less wear and tear.


The magnetic brakes on th13teen adjust as they are electronic and can also move in and out of the track, and they come into play to keep the train to a max speed, thus giving them control over the timing of the ride. Unlike, say, the magnetic fin breaks on Rita which are just magnetic plates that will have the same affect everytime.

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These Merlin marketing gimmicks are getting quite strange. I think it's pretty obvious that Thirteen will be open on Friday 13th (short of actual maintenance being required), just like they haven't banned people under 16 or over 50 from riding or limited people to 1 ride a day.


I guess they've calculated that the associated publicity makes it worth it.

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Alton Towers Resort bans loud sex in some hotel rooms

by Leigh Caldwell (RSS feed) on Jul 29th 2010 at 1:00PM


I'm sure we've all stayed a night in a hotel where we wished that there was a ban on sex because of the couple in the room next door, but I can honestly say I never thought I'd see a day when an actual hotel sex ban went into effect.


That's exactly what has happened in some hotel rooms at the Alton Towers Resort, a giant theme park and water park in Staffordshire outside London.


After complaints from families about noisy hotel neighbors louder than the screams from the roller coasters, Alton Towers' owners have designated certain rooms as quiet "family friendly" zones and others as "adults only." The family friendly zones have been set up in both the Alton Towers Hotel and Splash Landings.


To be fair, I've been awakened by loud kids more often than I have by couples getting it on in the room next door, so perhaps those adults-only zones are the place to be.




While I've never personally experienced this, I guess it is good that they are doing something about it.

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This is ridiculously amusing


I've never been awakened by people gettin dirty but I've been awoken by children running/shouting/knocking on random doors at hotels. I have heard the people in the next room doing it, but it doesn't really bother me. The only way it would bother me is if they woke me up at a random hour in the middle of the night.

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From their facebook-

Just to confirm TH13TEEN will not be open tomorrow – but FOURTEEN will! Get down to the Alton Towers Resort on Friday 13th for a chance to ride on FOURTEEN for one day only and pick up some exclusive limited edition ride merchandise!


Ha. I can't get enough of Alton Towers and their ride. I love their marketing! So, does this count as two coasters if you get the Fo14teen credit? hahaha.

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Making the trip tomorrow so can't wait to try out 13 to give my uneducated view on it.


Any tips for getting round the park these days? We have ERT at 9am but that's just Nemesis and Oblivion (of the thrill rides). I was thinking Oblivion then get to Rita and 13 early before the crowds. We have scream fasttracks so can get on nemesis and air whenever. Good strategy or is there a better way?

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I visited AT on Friday. I had a great day. I will do a wee TR but will start with my opinion on Trimteen and end with a couple of questions if you can't be bothered reading my ramblings.


Firstly Trimteen. The outside part of the ride was a real disappointment. Completely unmemorable. The indoor part was good fun and redeemed the ride a bit but as has been said time and time again on here it was not worth the hype. or the hour's queue even getting there at 1015. Would have liked to have got back on it to give it a second opinion but the queues were long all day even at closing.


As for the rest of the day I fell back in love with AT. I was there in 2006 and felt the park was tired and dirty looking. On Friday I felt it was tidier, despite the crowds and there seemed a better atmosphere than last time. Since 2006 I have been to SFMM and KBF and thought the low ride versions may be dull but actually Oblivion and Air in particular were better than I remembered.


We had ERT for an online booking so headed straight for Rita. Got on there quick and queued for 13 (did it that way cos my young nephew wasn't going on 13 but did go on Rita). Apart from 13 we had fasttracks for pretty much everything else which we needed due to the queues.

Got on Hex, then Oblivion, Rapids, Mine Train, Flume, Duel, AIr, Nemesis x 2, Ripsaw, Oblivion x 2, Submission then Rita again.


Air was slow in dispatching - 70 min wait at 4pm and only had one car each side. Is it normally more than that?

Oblivion was dispatching very quickly.

Nemesis was dispatching well but two of the staff flirting at the main queue meant more gaps for single riders which is how we got our second ride on it.

Sonic had long lines all day - a minimum 45 minute wait even at closing. That was the only ride I missed out on.


My questions:

1) Was it just me or is Nemesis getting a bit rougher in her old age?

2) Why do they still have the outer casing for the Black Hole?

3) Why do morons feel the need to grafitti the fences in the lines for 13?

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^ In fairness the same thing would happy in Scotland if we needed queue lines long enough!


I would hope that something more fruitful could be done with the area black hole was in. As it stands it's a gloomy reminder of times gone by.

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I finally got on Thirteen on Thursday when I went to Alton Towers with a couple of mates.


The ride itself was a lot of fun, but I have to agree with the sentiment expressed by those who thought the theme and marketing were completely unbalanced and dare I say inappropriate for the ride. And whilst I wasn't expecting Hollywood-esque production values, even a couple of smoke machines at the low points of the track could make the ride that bit more intimidating. At Halloween, it'll be a much better experience in the dark, but in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't make up the rest of year.


And here's some sacrelige - I honestly preferred the area when Ugland was there! And I never thought I'd say that.

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Alton Towers today revealed the first, sketchy information surrounding the world first coaster - coming in 2013. The fifth Secret Weapon at the park will be a world first and be the most expensive coaster constructed at Alton Towers in its history.


It was already known that the ride would feature a height restriction of 1.4metres - this was revealed at the Th13teen evening in June 2010 by Morwenna Angove and John Wardley.


More news at www.towerstimes.co.uk and on other UK/European based forums.


Exciting times!


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I emailed Duane at RCDB the news this morning, and he said that Alton Towers frequently talks about projects that never end up getting built. Since it is 2013, this is either something very special, or it is just another case of them talking about another project that will never come to fruition.


So if it does actually get built, as of right now, I'm guessing it will be the first B&M 4D coaster. It just seems lke something that would happen with Gardaland and Thorpe Park receiving prototypes that will receive rotating seats later(probably 2013 after SW7 opens).

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This isn't hot air. It was widely assumed that the follow up to Th13teen would be 2014, but I reckon that since Th13teen wasn't quite thrill puller we all expected originally, they have brought this forward. Also, they will be keen to avoid THORPE PARK stealing everything and Alton sitting in the shadows in terms of big, fat thrill coasters. As much as TP Is within the Merlin group, Alton's management are very keen to be top of the pile in the UK and want to beat TP as much as possible.


John Wardley was sighted around the Air helix/car park area late in the 2010 season, and rumors have been rife for some time. Morwenna Angove initially announced it as a 2013 project in June 2010, but it is only now that the Divisional Director has confirmed it to the press.


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