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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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Hi All,


SkyNews is reporting that their has been a Major Power Cut at the Park today 13 April 2010.


A Full Report has not yet been issued, The only message is that the rides have be "E-Stopped"..


I wouldnt like to be on the cable car!


I will post an update when i see one



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Sky News's Website doesnt seem to have the details... But their twitter page


Alton Towers theme park has been hit by power cut: all rides halted and hotel blacked out.





Power seems to have been restored




Power went out at 2pm

Power back on at 3pm...


*** No guests should be unhappy as they havent lost an hour of park time as the park is remaining open for another hour after published closed time to compenstate

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Just as you thought all the overhyped PR rubbish was over for TH13TEEN, here is another


Politics just got interesting - Alton Towers Resort launches new 'poll-ercoaster'


From today, guests at the Alton Towers Resort can express their political preference in a unique poll which will run right up until May 6th – dubbed a ‘poll-ercoaster’.


At the ride entrance to THI3TEEN, the Resort’s newest attraction, masks of Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have been made available to wear whilst riding. It is hoped that the numbers in which they are picked will provide a daily snapshot of the nation’s voting intentions with ride operators providing daily updates.


As of today, the poll showed Labour on an average of 6 passengers per 20 seater car (30%), Conservatives on 7 (35%) and Lib Dems on 7 (35%).


Morwenna Angove, Sales and Marketing Director at the Alton Towers Resort, comments, “Politics can be a rollercoaster at the best of times and it’s hard to know who’s up and whose down. The poll-ercoaster aims to provide a daily snapshot of our visitors voting intentions. With many young voters feeling alienated and disenchanted with the electoral process, we hope that it will be an exciting way for them to show their allegiance. Who knew politics could be such fun!”


TH13TEEN, the ultimate rollercoaster at the Alton Towers Resort is the world's first free fall drop coaster. TH13TEEN takes riders on a gruelling journey through The Dark Forest, where they will battle the overwhelming force of the woods through a series of twists and turns, before plummeting into the unknown.


Having been two years in development, ground-breaking technology makes TH13TEEN every ride you could ever dream of in one. Built on an unearthed ancient burial site, riders are taken on an exhilarating adventure, experiencing adrenalin-pumping speeds, rapid reversing and terrific twists as they attempt to escape the clutches of the all-consuming forest. Never before has so much theme park technology been combined in one fantastically thrilling ride.


I think its a good idea but i dont agree with the last paragraph, "Adrenalin-pumping speeds"

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Mate of mine spent a couple of days at Alton Towers last week Thirteen broke down about 4 times on Friday and is almost going down about twice a day at the moment spoke to one of the ride ops and Apparently they're having weight issues with the lift hill and drop section. As a result they have to run the train less than full capacity as the hydraulics cant handle it full looks like they need to sort this out before peak season kicks in.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Went to Alton Towers yesterday

It was surprisingly busy for midweek. However the waiting times were not too bad other than on 13.

13 was the worst line of the day 1 hour 30 min wait (even in single rider Line). Too be honest the wait is not worth it. I dont want to put anyone off but I thought it was a pretty dull ride and over way too soon.

I spoke with one of the operators as they are still running the ride at reduced capacity. 4 Empty seats at the back of every train as the cars cannot take the weight. Doesnt look like that will change until the end of the season. They spent £15 million of this and didnt get it right!!

Advise you go very early or leave it until later on in the day. I passed the ride at about 2pm and the wait was 200 minutes!!!

13 is not a touch on Nemesis, Air and Rita. Nemesis is still the best ride in the park.


Rita was having problems all day which I believe is a major problem all of the time.


Still have a go on 13 of course but think Alton Towers have tried to create something less extreme and more family orientated.

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Here is my take on 13, due to the strict zoning laws Alton Towers must abide by they will never be able to have a true drop ride and they had to get a bit creative to manage to get a similar experience in the park somehow, Alton Towers isn't about intense rides as much as creative ways to get around the Zoning laws and bitchy neighbors which in some cases by accident result in some true world class coasters like Nemesis and in other cases result in cool concepts like Oblivion and 13

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I agreed with you scott and dont get me wrong 13 is a good addition. I think it was just a let down after all the hype surrounding it and such a long wait. Its such a shame about the laws in the area and they cant build anything big. They are always going to have that problem. I remember the good old days of the thunderlooper before the laws came into affect.

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Well a long wait for a new coaster is to be expected how long did the lines for x get opening year, I agree they did overhype it just a bit and it is not x by a long shot but it is a pretty cool idea and has taken Roller Coasters to a completely new place and I cant wait to see where other parks take it in the years to come look what Oblivion and AIR eventually led to. Its not that they cant build anything big it just takes a lot more planning and creativity to do so I would not call Nemesis small by any means

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This may be stupid but, Why does Alton have zoning laws? I know it's the treeline but why would it be that?


As far as I know the smart people that bought homes next to the park knowing that it was there started complaining about it, anyone have a better explanation ? My opinion is simple if you don't want to deal with the sights and sounds of an Amusement Park don't buy the house next to one

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