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  1. I agreed with you scott and dont get me wrong 13 is a good addition. I think it was just a let down after all the hype surrounding it and such a long wait. Its such a shame about the laws in the area and they cant build anything big. They are always going to have that problem. I remember the good old days of the thunderlooper before the laws came into affect.
  2. Went to Alton Towers yesterday It was surprisingly busy for midweek. However the waiting times were not too bad other than on 13. 13 was the worst line of the day 1 hour 30 min wait (even in single rider Line). Too be honest the wait is not worth it. I dont want to put anyone off but I thought it was a pretty dull ride and over way too soon. I spoke with one of the operators as they are still running the ride at reduced capacity. 4 Empty seats at the back of every train as the cars cannot take the weight. Doesnt look like that will change until the end of the season. They spent £15 million of this and didnt get it right!! Advise you go very early or leave it until later on in the day. I passed the ride at about 2pm and the wait was 200 minutes!!! 13 is not a touch on Nemesis, Air and Rita. Nemesis is still the best ride in the park. Rita was having problems all day which I believe is a major problem all of the time. Still have a go on 13 of course but think Alton Towers have tried to create something less extreme and more family orientated.
  3. re my last post..Im sorry I havnt had time to read all the info, been too busy..I was only asking, no need to have a go
  4. I live in the UK, would it be possible to meet up with the group on the europe trip on their day in alton towers???
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