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  1. It didn't stay closed for long though, it was only long enough to put bungee chords on one of the trains.
  2. Ok guys, TH13TEEN did close yesterday because I was there, but I have a theory as to why it did. It was around about lunchtime when it closed, which from my understanding is when everyone is filling their faces with KFC etc and don't care too much about going on the bigger rides. This would be the perfect time to close TH13TEEN for one reason. I think they were testing out the effects in the crypt, because when re-opened there was one train that they were not letting people in (they were testing on this train) and when I asked why the train wasn't in use, the reply was 'we are testing something'. Seems a good thing to test and get ready in time for the weekend right? Oh and apparently now the air cannons are working. Coincidence?
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