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  1. I live about a 5 mins drive from there and on the vortex the ride op left us there for 5 mins while she went to get a cup of tea
  2. I really do Like the sound of this and i am ready to order now I am not a huge fan of Rollercoasters in the Raw as i prefer Coaster expedition so i would love to see some of them on Blu-Ray, But i am definitely getting this when it comes out! Thanks George "I WANT IT NOW" Reason
  3. So more Alton towers PR Rubbish just at an attempt of capitalizing on recent news, well whats next stopping AIR from running becuase of the Volcano ash!
  4. Lol, I cant wait to ride with Gordon Browns face! Imagine the Ride Photo, Gordon Brown sat next to Nick Clegg on a rollercoaster!
  5. Just as you thought all the overhyped PR rubbish was over for TH13TEEN, here is another I think its a good idea but i dont agree with the last paragraph, "Adrenalin-pumping speeds"
  6. Heya Larry, Got My pics from Brean Leisure park today, I hope they are what you wanted, if you need some more let me know as i am a few mins away from the Park. Thanks For resizing them and putting up with me as well lol Sizzler Hell-raiser Wild water Wild Water Theming Best Shot i could get of the ride Magic Mouse Looping Roller-coaster (Dont think it has a name) Trains for Looping Roller-coaster Kidds Boat ride X-Treme Wipeout Caterpillar Terror Castle Waltzer Dont know the name Fantasia Thats all, Thanks Again Larry you are doing an awesome job with the Index and i hope these are useful
  7. I am going to a small Theme Park/Amusement Park tomorrow call Brean leisure Park, has a few roller coasters, Just wondering if you guys need any pics from there or if you want any?
  8. Looks like a nice family day out, I am just wondering if there are any parks like that left in the UK?
  9. It is part of th13teen but when i ate breakfast with John Wardly this morning he told me that they had MUCH more planned but as a quick route out and to get it open they used scaffolding. I did enjoy the ride but there is TOO much Hype around it. Rita also has new music when they launch you. Its in a wraiths voice, like an old man "Put your head back, hold on tight, YOU MUST ESCAPE" i think he means the forest. Then after you have been launched or just as soon as it starts he says "GO, GO, GO" so its good they changed it, but TH13TEENS themeing in AMAZING, best in UK. There is a little indoor bit above the station with little girls writing on the wall, its very dark and forestry in there if thats a word lol I hope you guys enjoy it when you come over, i saw a few TPR hoddies today but didn't say hi
  10. Heya guys, I just got back from 2 days at alton towers and i had the most awesome time. I was staying in the alton towers hotel and on friday night during the VIP night i met Girls Aloud and Bill Baily I am going to cut to the photos and give you my TH13TEEN review at the end Enjoy On the monorail for 8:30, get are ERT! Right on to oblivion while everyone else went to Th13teen, had 5x rides on it and got my oblivion condom Oblivion "Insert sexual innuendo about going into the hole" Nice new restrains on the cars Ok now over to the Dark Forest Entrance Wonder why he is here RITA QUEEN OF SPEED, oops no i ment RITA Rita control booth Guy in Pic "What is this idiot doing" Painted ritas cars The cars This is why we are here Dead trees all over the place in the Que. It will look amazing when lots of trees grow over and engulf the Que. Theming Getting closer Baggage hold, and stairs up to station, I like how there is a ladder you walk under for bad luck Wraith in station Unfinished ceiling Ride op Box Going onto Crypt Met god himself, was a really nice man, but he didnt like the attention, he seemed shy This thing really towers over Ride exit Alton towers hotel Ok so here is my ride review You start out coming into the station with writing on the wall and the pungent smell of forest. As you are dispatched and go up the lift hill you see the other car arrive in the crypt. You then travel down the drop and weave around the forest, when the forest grows it will be an amazing sight when riding as at the moment its a bit like a building site still. You then enter the crypt where the door crashes behind you and you can hear the floor creaking, you are surrounded by leafs and then the lights drop. You then are plunged in pitch black with air blasters then as the light comes up you are surrounded by wraiths. Then launched backwards around the cold underground helix. My thoughts is that if you are expecting some amazing G's then you wont get it, it is well themed mine train as i see it and very smooth. Dont get me wrong it is well themed, probably best in UK but i hate to say it the drop is rubbish. I really didnt feel it, it wasn't strong, it is good for a 1 time scare but it has no re-rid-ability. The effects where half done and where on and off all day. Overall a good addition to the park but it is not something that is going to be huge. I am going to stick with nemesis and Air
  11. Rita re-theme hasn't been confirmed but there where signs of it when the merch was on sale. Same with spinball.
  12. http://sonicstadium.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/sonicsspinball.jpg Looking very nice
  13. Hahaha lol, i wonder if rita will be rethemed to santa sleigh ride
  14. I saw a good idea at another theme park website. They where saying that the secret element could be a Swinging piece of track? Maybe it will be suspended by some sort of cable and it will swing freely? Seems more plausible then my friends idea of the car jumping off the track :L
  15. Is that what the cars are going to look like? Also Sonic Spinball is looking nice
  16. I think there will be the secret element in the backwards turn(as we see in the photos) or the backwards turn to show the car running away from something in the building because we know after the turn it then enters the station. I think there will be a really bug animatronic or a big projector screen and something will try to attack us.
  17. Well as we know the car cant be too amazing because of the strength of the track, i would think its the cars because of the truck load pictures we saw of the SW. So that could be cars in there or is there something going to happen inside the building that makes it unique?
  18. I am so exited for Thirteen, does anyone have any ideas about what the worlds first element is?
  19. Wow nice one Rob! As said there is another sonic game coming out this year so its got to be a sponsorship deal. I hope they go with the classic theme and not a newer sonic
  20. With Th13teen i think that no doubt will it be best themed ride in the country, Looking at the photos so far we are going to have a amazingly themed ride but will the actual ride be any good? Anyone got any guesses on the worlds first element, i have a feeling its something going to happen on the cars?
  21. From alton towers i can confirm that SpinbalL Wizzer is now, SONIC SPINBALL! From TowersNerd.com What do you guys think, Fail or Good move?
  22. Just noticed there is thirteen evil people in that picture, i really cant wait to find out the element. Corkscrew is also making a return kind of http://towersnerd.com/news/item.php?id=195 Planning Application Submitted by Alton Towers
  23. ^Not yet, i dont think we will find out until the ride opens
  24. I am so tempted to book for the weekend bit but they cant guarantee rides so i am not sure. Anyone else going to book?
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