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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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I was sooo excited about Rita that I was at AT on the Monday after a Saturday (I think) opening. The lanuch is great but the rest was only OK...

I would love to ride TTD or KK but personally I hope that blackpool doesent get a rocket but I will hold on to my had until I ride stealth at thrope park this coming season.

As a side Rollercoaster is such a funny ride I was on it with my brother in September (with no Lapbars YAY) and we just laughed all the way round it was such a chuckle...

The restarints are so uncomfortable on Rita I am more comfortable on AIR hanging in the restraints on the lift hill. RIDING ON RITA IS LIKE SITTING ON A PLANK OF WOOD WITH A FAT MAN WITH A BONEY BOTTOM SITTING ON YOUR SHOULDERS!!!!!!!!!


Only joshing...

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Na, thats rubbish, ive seen loads of fan based website polls and Rita seems to always be 3rd or 4th, with Nemesis winning by a milestone!


That maybe so, but coaster fans don't make up almost all of the guests who attend the park.


Rita's launch is a huge gimmick which has worked well for Alton Towers, especially in the marketing department. It's clear to see why the average park guest would think that it's the best ride in the park, and even though I don't agree I cann see where they are coming from.


I've got lots of adrenaline junkie friends who think Rita is the best ride in the park. At the end of the day, we all have our own opinions about a ride, but woe betide if you try to override someone else's with your own.


I'm not the first person to say that, and I won't be the last.

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I think this ride can be made better without altering the track! They should have done a Disney and what they done to the Rock 'N' Rollercoaster!


R'N'R is great, but its made better by the fast pace rock n roll music blasting in your ears! Lets face it without the music it would be pretty dull(Xpress at Walibi World), even though it does slow down towards the end, the music makes it seem faster and alot better! And as Rita doesnt slow at all untill you hit the brakes, it would be brill!!


I reckon they shoulf have come cool dance music on Rita, like Faithless, Insomnia!! THAT WOULD ROCK!!

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Rock 'N' Rollercoaster is my favourite launched ride, and I think it really shows up Rita in regards to all that could have been.


However, given the limited time that the park had to put the ride in, it could have been a lot worse than they way it has turned out.


Rita is not a bad ride by any means, but it's more quirky than anything. The radio station is ample comfort when you're waiting to ride, but I do agree that Alton Towers could have made a better job of it given more time.

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Rita is very short BUT, the launch is brilliant I loved it, the airtime is amazing very nice. Also it is intense. The ride is really unique compared to other rocket coasters and it has done alton towers well. This ride is really loved by the GP.


Rita POV.





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  • 2 weeks later...

I went over to an Alton Towers website, to update myself with a park I've only read and seen certain videos about, and I was shocked to hear about the apparent closing of the Black Hole last year.


Is the building still there, or was the whole business torn down? And have they announced any future plans for the site? I was never on this ride, but it's such a shame to see another indoor coaster close down.

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Well the Building is still standing but apparantly the ride has been completely removed! To be honest its nothing special, its just a Jet Star and it everytime I went to Alton Towers there was always at least a 45 minute que!


So how did they get the coaster out of the 'tent' ? through the entrance door


Theres been no evidence that the coaster has gone, it's SBNO

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Just a Jet star! I love Retro coasters that first drop was so great.

I was at the rides wake, IMO there should have always been space for it.

Now the U.K has no real thrilling dark coasters. It's a real shame to see classic rides like these be removed. It's even worse to see it and not be able to ride it. Although it does have a nice memory board at the entrance with old pictures and adverts.

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Star Chaser at the old Kentucky Kingdom was the same thing, I guess?


Enclosed, not much themeing inside, except usual "disco lights"...


And a lineup that was waaaay too long for it's own good, which unfortunately as first-timers we didn't find out till we got on the thing, lol.


Still, it was a credit, heh heh.


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The "Black Hole was one of my fav rides at Alton Towers along with "Thunderlooper".


I wish AT kept it running and added more lights and effects, e.g. while going round the lift hill "lasers can bounce off mirrors" and have a big smoke machine at the top of the tent facing downwards.


X: No Way Out at Thorpe Park is another dark ride which suffers badly, give it more lights and lasers etc to make the ride more enjoyable.


Alton Towers should build a coaster like below and put it in the "Old Black Hole" tent.


Bobsled Coaster: "Die heiße Fahrt!" - Wild- & Freizeitpark Klotten, Germany

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