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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

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Howdy boys and girls!


Just got home from an action packed day at AT! I was really excited to see the construction site for SW6 however I was left dissapointed!


From seeing the site up close and personal, it's pretty easy to accustom yourself with the "front" part of the ride.


The station building is getting quite tall now however the only track pieces installed in the building are the station, the second tyre lift hill which reaches the crest and bends to the right (the track stops here as it leads into the "worlds first" part of the ride which I assume will not be completed until the outer facia has been completed, or the park closes for good resulting in nobody getting a glimpse before the official launch!).


Whilst riding Rita, you can see that directly underneath the upper station entry track you can see the feisty backwards drop going into a ravine which then leads into a large right banked bend also built into a ravine. This ravine will eventually return to a switch track then into the station.


Upon speaking with a member of staff on Air he stated that all the staff do NOT know what the ride will be. All they know is that it's Intamin and it's height restriction is going to be 1.2. In his words "I don't think it's gonna be a big one coz the big ones are all 1.4".


He also stated that rumour between staff was that it was to have 4 seat spinner cars like spinball. I can only assume that it's a glorified version of Tornado!


I am aware that this is totally 100% speculation and hearsay proves nothing.


After visiting the site I am a million percent sure it's a worlds first coaster (possibly spinner) with a backwards vertical switchtrack section (I don't mean this is a vertical drop I mean it as apposed to a horizontal switch. I'm thinking that once the train re-enters the station building, it will hit blocks, from here, the rear end of the track will pivot to 45% angle and connect with a segment of track directly underneath. The blocks will then be released and train will travel backwards backwards down the slope and then down the twisty backward drop.


Jeez, I hope this makes sense, it's hard to describe what I've seen today!


What's your thoughts on the Intamin Spinner trains? I personally hope they are, that or mega lite trains!



Oh, and keep your eyes posted for my Photo TR, I'm too tired to do it tonight and am off to bed!

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^I'm not sure it will be a spinner. The reason being that if the car can spin, what's the point of a backwards drop? Any drop could be backwards or forwards on a spinner, so why go through the trouble of switch track in order to achieve basically the exact same effect as any other hill. Unless they just want the dead ends for theming purposes such as on EE...hmmm...now I don't really know what to think. Time will tell I guess.

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