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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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^ If you look good you really see the OTSR. The Yellow things in the top of the picture not the one with holes. Also if you look closely the Smiler logo is on the nose of the train. If you played the game you see a exact copy of them right here. I really like the trains.

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Gerstlauer have done two different lapbars so far - the first was Dare Devil Dive:



As you can see, there are only two seats per row. The seats on The Smiler are not that spread out and look like Saw's in relation to gap between seats. To me it rules out the bar coming down the side. The bottom section of The Smilers restraints look nothing like DDD's also.





The next type of Gerstlauer lapbar is the one on Iron Shark:



Yet again, they look nothing a like.


So to sum up, unless they are new lapbar type restraints then this will have OTSR.

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^ I feel violated by all your

What I only used 2 in the last four posts.


Here are the retains from Fluch von Novgorod:

Picture source RCDB. (If it still not works I try it again.)

As you can see there exactly alike to the metal plate even. I really believe we are looking at the same restrains here.

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^ Believe me I rather have those comments about it then I use to have on other forums.

Fix the last post and replaced it with a Picture from RCDB (since I never seen it fail) but toke one from Fluch von Novgorod, which has also the same restrains.


The park released more pictures of the train showing it has OTSR:


Love the hypnotizing screens on the back of the seats.

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Wow! These trains are kind of cool! That optical illusion on the back of the seats, might be a bad idea. There are a few people who can be motion sickness to those kinds of things and throw that onto a coaster that has 14 inversions, let's just say those trains will be cleaned kind of often! Still though, the yellow accents are nice! Even the bogeys are yellow!


Too bad it has OTSRs, but they look to be another new style, with a different padding in the head/neck area. Must be doing some marketing thing with the trains against a green screen. I don't see that these days with the actual trains before they're on the ride!

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