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You know you're a Six Flags park if...

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Here are a few things Six Flags has actually done right:


5. Allowing people into the park prior to the rides opening

4. Clone rides (Batman, Superman etc)

3. The Fast Lane system is more considerate towards non-fast lane people (fast laners are told when to come to the line rather than just cram in whenever they want)

2. Boarding passes with numbers to help weed out line jumpers on major attractions

1. RMC!!!

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When the employees don't speak or understand English....


Only if you go La Ronde or Six Flags Mexico!



This might be a really dumb question, but at La Ronde, do they do all the announcements twice? like in English & French

They don't do the announcements twice on the rides, but they are the same as any Six Flags coaster in the US. However most employees speak english very well, so language isn't a problem; in fact a lot of peoples in Montreal speaks either english better than french or not french at all!

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You're in line for a roller coaster and the operator is bumping the microphone with her hands and creating a beat while the other employees start to dance.


- This happened in line for Mr. Freeze at SFoT a few years ago. This seems like something people might complain about, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was honestly disappointed that there was no improvised music while in line later that day. I actually thought it showed that the employees were enjoying themselves at work, and they were only running one train that day so there was really no issue with capacity/loading times there.

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