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You know you're a Six Flags park if...

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You know you are a Six Flags park when you:


Get beat up by a line jumper

Get your car stolen

See fights with security watching

Wait 4 hours for a 51 second ride (Kingda Ka, but worth it)

Get hit by a car in the patrking lot (Done by my mothers friend, backing out of the parking space)

You have a Vekoma Boomerang

You have a B&M Batman Clone

You have a Vekoma SLC (why?)

Rides closed due to low staff

Water rides closed on hot days (SFGAv)

You have rides burn down killing people (SFGAv)

You have a crappy indoor coaster with no theming

You have random shows during Fright Fest

Have gang fights

Have riots in queue

Have a major coaster run one train (S;UF)

Have a major coaster stack three trains (Medus east)

Your childhood is taken away by Looney Toons (Great Escape)

Taking advantage of the previous owners death by puting Looney toons (Great Escape)

Have people booing you while using a Q-Bot.

Get cheaped out on food.

Have a death momorial in your park

Have coasters close due to popularity

Extra pad rough coasters.

Adding an S&S Triple Complex Tower.


The list can go on and on forever.

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Ok, yes, we all know that Six Flags has their problems and it's funny to rip on them, but they also continue to bring us more new coasters than any other park chain.


Also, there ARE a lot of very good Six Flags parks, don't forget.


--Robb "Let's try to keep things a little more positive on the boards." Alvey

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^ Agreed. And also, there ARE parks in the chain that are quite good! Take SFGAm for example, we had a great day there. Most coasters that could run three trains, were. Crews were hussling, crowds were behaved, new waterpark was awesome, etc, etc....


Was today 100% perfect and without any hassle at all? No. But what park day at any chain is?


I'm just as guilty as the next person of taking jabs at certain parks *cough* Knott's *cough* but at least I'm specific and consistent, and have offered suggestions to make it better.


--Robb "While I agree the chain has many issues, they do have quite a few really nice parks." Alvey

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I'm just as guilty as the next person of taking jabs at certain parks *cough* Knott's *cough* but at least I'm specific and consistent, and have offered suggestions to make it better.


I've tried to take action, one time I was at Sf Great America, I usually have a great time but this time was horrible. From riots to rude staff. So I wrote a NICE letter commenting on the experience, making suggestions on how it could have been avoided. Some guy wrote back saying that it's not their fault that security couldn't keep it under control.

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To admit the truth, I have not had a problem in any Six Flags Parks, I been to all the owned runs in Europe all 8, I know they are no longer runned by Six Flags but this was when they did operate them and I done a Six Flags park in Mexico which was very good by the way, except for Medusa logo is the same has the US one and it has wooden cars going around a loop with metal track but hey.


Also I losted my season pass last year for them and they replaced it for me at the same second they also gave me a water park pass which was kinda cool.


They always seem to do good at customer service, what I have seen anyway.




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I've only been to SFMW and SFMM, but in at least those 2 cases I could tell I was in a SF park because English seems to be a 2nd language to the majority of the park staff.


I do my best to ignore whatever doesn't appeal to me in a park and try to enjoy myself anyway. That's entirely possible at SFMW, but sadly it was quite impossible at SFMM. Maybe we just hit the park on a bad day? I don't know, nor do I ever intend to find out because the exceptionally poor experience we had there was enough to make me have no desire to ever come back. So to those that say, "great, stay away" I will gladly fulfill your request. You can have all the gangsta' wanna-be clientele and staff of that fine park all to yourselves. I'll be at Disneyland instead.

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  • 8 years later...

... They cost less then Legoland

... You pay one price

... You could list 20 things they could do better

... The restraints are less tight than Cedar Fair

... There is a Coke Freestyle Machine

... There is a Steel Rocky Mountain Coaster on Wooden Supports

... It doesn't seem as Bad as most of Theme Park Reviews TR make it

... The CEO makes you laugh with his announcement videos for the next year

... They sell more Non-Six Flags than Six Flags stuff in gift shops

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you see an abundance of göt2b and Takis advertisements


And you can add Kraft/Polly-O Twists cheese, Twix, and Axe body spray to the list of advertising at Six Flags parks!



You see a skateoard themed spinning coaster that's named "Pandemonium" when it should still be named "Big Spin" sans Tony Hawk!

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