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  1. I won't be riding the new ride, as these types of rides make me extremely queasy, but I think it's a good fit for the park, especially with us getting out RMC this year. I'm also happy that Scorcher is still " Standing" as I think a floorless conversion is not needed.
  2. Yikes. Do they pat you down or what? Or do they just ask you and hope you don't lie? (Sorry I'm asking so many stupid questions... I have yet to go to a park with such a draconian policy) In addition to about 3 or 4 large signs, the person at the front is watching pretty closely and asking everyone if they have a phone. You're allowed keys, wallet, etc. in secured pockets, just not a phone. If you wear glasses without a strap, they'll even tell you to put them in your pocket. The ride operators MUST pull down your lapbar, and they don't allow any riders to do it themselves. If anyone
  3. It was surreal, because I didn’t ride it till later in the afternoon, and everything else up to that point had been nothing but stellar operations wise. I also had a delay on my first Raptor ride, but that was due to someone blowing chunks and not the actual operations.
  4. Another tip for FL+, purchase it at one of the many stores they sell it at, the FL+ location at the front of the park is mobbed for the first hour or so from everyone that uses the main gate.
  5. I may have caught it at an off time, as I only rode it once each day. But, I waited longer to board Gatekeeper with my FL+ then I did Steel Vengance.
  6. The lines USUALLY weren’t as bad, but it’s also not really comparable. Gatekeeper is a whore. It’s the only coaster in the park that I’ve ever seen where a good crew can dispatch a train as soon as the last one clears the lift block (except Magnum maybe but it’s a longer lift). I’m sure there have been power hours where it did over 2,000 riders and I’d be surprised if Steel Vengeance has ever hit 1,000. It loads ridiculously fast, it’s reliable and it has 3 trains. Valravn isn’t AS MUCH of a capacity machine since each train holds the same amount of riders as a Steel Vengeance train bu
  7. I had a FL+ on Wednesday and Thursday, and the longest I waited was maybe 20 mins. Thursday after it stormed, the FL+ was about 5 mins, I ended up getting 5 rides in about 30 mins.
  8. I’m surprised they let it get that bad, especially since it’s at the front of the park, and one of the first things people see walking in.
  9. Question, if you have a platinum pass, do you get a discount on Fastlane??
  10. Well, that settles my Memorial week plans looks like it’ll be KD and Twisted Timbers, than CP in July for my other week off.
  11. I stayed at the Best Western Carowinds.. it was pretty nice, and reasonably priced.
  12. That would be a capacity nightmare at La Ronde, it would probably have a daily put through of 36
  13. FL+ is worth is just for all you want night rides on Beast alone, when I went last summer I had FL+ but only really used it for Mystic Timbers, Beast, FOF and Nighthawk, everything else was prettt much a walk on.
  14. Honestly, until this whol confederate flag debate going on, I honestly never knew which six flags represented the company, and I've lived my whole life in a state that pretty much worships the confederate flag.
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