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You know you're a Six Flags park if...

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I didn't know much about laws and rights at the time, but I probably would have handled it differently. Probably takes the cake for the stupidest thing six flags has done. I wish I had it all on camera.


If they really wanted to keep you banned they could. They are a private business and own the property, so it's their decision.


The best thing you could do is what you did do, which is handle it with the business. Any attempt at a civil law claim would be a waste of time. It would have only turned into a criminal matter if they asked you to leave for any reason and you refused to do so.


Just FYI

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You know you're a Six Flags park if they ban you for a year for taking a picture of a roller coaster outside the park.


While nowhere near on the same level, this reminds me of a small incident I experienced at SFGADV back in 2008. Me and a friend spent two days at the park, and at the start of the second day we decided to get some footage of Kingda Ka from the parking lot so we walked over to the ride before heading into the park. I had a video camera and my friend had a photo camera. Within minutes a security pulled over and told us we couldn't take pictures of the ride. When we asked why the answer was "It's policy".


Towards the end of the second day I was filming some offride footage of Batman when a security guard walked over to me and said I could not film the ride, only take pictures. Definately one of the strangest park policies I've ever experienced. What made it even stranger was that I had been using my videocamera for two days getting offride footage of all the rides without anyone reacting. It does make me think that this was a single security guard who had seriously misunderstood the rules. Either way, not knowing if he could force me to delete almost two days worth off footage I decided not to go into any arguments and quietly put away my camera.

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The bad:

...claim to be the cleanest park in the world, but are far from it.

...claim every year that it's the best Fright Fest ever, but it gets worse every year.

...cater to the YOLO crowd.

...you have to wait in the overflow line before going into the single rider line. During this wait you see every train with empty seats.

...you have two wild mouse coasters. (I know SFGAm doesn't have two anymore.)

...you are plastered with advertisements no one cares about.


The good:

...you have a top 10 coaster.

...you have an RMC coaster.

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You see a Boomerang, a Batman clone, a spinning coaster clone, an impulse coaster clone, and a Hyper or Giga coaster named "Goliath" all in one park. Although there isn't really a Six Flags park that has all of those coaster in the same park, but you can find these clone at Six Flags parks chainwide.

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