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Adventureland (Iowa) Discussion Thread

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This looks like the Eurofighter to end all Eurofighters. I can't wait!

As one who dislikes Eurofighters (they look sweet, ride weak), I hope you're right!


This one does look intriguing, and living within driving distance, how can you not take a trip out there during the year they finally build a coaster? I look forward to riding it, hopefully this month.

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Hello Everyone! I just visited Adventureland today and was very impressed. I arrived about 12pm and the monster of corse was the first thing I went to. The line was about 20 minutes thanks to the park running 3 trains on the coaster. You really don't realize how steep the climb is and how steep the drop is until you experience the coaster. It is absolutely in the top 3 coasters I have ever ridden! It was smooth, fast, and quiet. The unfortunate part was the park had to close many rides at 1pm today due to the high winds. This included the space shot, storm chaser, falling star, and unfortunately the monster. Im glad I was able to catch at least 1 ride today though. Overall, I think Adventureland is becoming a even better park and I cannot wait to see what they have planned for the next years!!! Below are some pictures I shot through the park today:



The first thing I did at the park was hop on the sky ride and get my first peak at The Monster!!!


This coaster is absolutely huge!


The monster twists all around the sky ride.


You can get some amazing views of the lift hill/drop from the beginning of the line


More shots.


The station may be a little small but its looking great with a little more work to be done.


All the track below from the sky ride :)


Our next coaster was the tornado, this is now my second favorite coaster in the park.


Almost to the end of the tornado!


Our next ride was the Dragon. After riding the monster, this seems like nothing. The Dragon is not as rough as previous years though :)


The Dragon and Tornado are such photogenic coasters.


Our last coaster was the Outlaw. This is a pretty good coaster but I prefer the Tornado.


They also had a pretty fun disk type ride called the sidewinder. This is in the Old West section of the park with the big yellow water slide and the Outlaw roller coaster.


This is one of two water rides left at Aland after the removal of the log ride. This one is my favorite water ride.


This is Adventure Bay. This water park is fairly new and has some great attractions including a playhouse w/ waterslides, 5 tube slides, 2 speed slides, a 8 lane racer, Iowas largest wave pool, and a loooong lazy river.


Climbing up the lift hill of the Outlaw!


Adventureland's new skyline!


These speed slides give you a serious rush, especially the red/white/blue one!


Their Windseeker attraction named Storm Chaser was not operating today due to the 37mph wind!


The Monster T-shirts!


I like this one a little better but I got them both!


Such a beauty...


A little different view using a fish eye lens.


Most people were very excited for their first ride on the monster! I do have to say, I love the design of the trains and I absolutely love the restraints (they're comfortable, not to harsh, but do their job).

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Wow.... I finally located a video of the lighting elements for The Monster at night and they are out of this world. Like seriously this is NOT what I was expecting. A little blurry but still cool. Look at the eyes on the front of the car glow!


They're also testing it out on Space Shot! Small updates to older rides in the park like these spectacular lighting elements are what gives me hope that Adventureland is moving in the right direction.


So proud of this small park and can't wait to finally make my summer visit later on.

Videos were taken by fans of a Facebook page called Adventureland Iowa Fans.



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I made the trek over to Altoona today. I had four rides on The Monster without having to wait much more than 20 minutes. The ride is one of the smoothest I've ridden and has exceptional hang time. The drop is simply absurd and the first dive loop thingy has a great pop of ejector air time if you sit on the right edge of the car. The restraints are similar to, if not better than, B&M's lap bars. There is a trim brake between the Immelmann and the Stengel Dive thingy so the ride does lose a good chunk of speed at the end, but I think it really works. The turn gives another good burst of hang time and the corkscrew is taken at a speed where you get a good balance of positive and negative forces.


I am not very happy with the five inversion figure that has been posted by the park. It's probably technically correct but I still don't like it. The first drop shouldn't count. The first dive loop only really fully inverts late in the dive and is at closer to 90 degrees at the top. The next hill into a turn definitely isn't one. The loop is definitely an inversion, and should probably count as two. You hang upside down for what seems like a decade. The next dive loop over bank twist nonsense gets close but so does Millennium Force. The airtime hill is beautiful but not an inversion. The Immelmann definitely counts. The Stengel dive gets closer than any of the dive loops and feels much more like it. The corkscrew clearly is. This brings our total to 3,4,5,6,7, or 8 depending on what counts and what doesn't. In the grand scheme of things I guess it doesn't matter because it's still a fun ride.

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Thanks for your report YeahThad! Still haven't gotten a ride in yet (so can't put my two cents in) but looks like a hell of a ride, whether it has 3 inversions or 8.


Here are a few great videos that I found!


The first captures the opening day of Monster. Jump to 1:55 to see the lighting package. Apparently they have worked on it even more since then.


This one shows the crowds entering the park on opening day. This was the gate on the right and apparently crowds were even bigger at the left gate.


Some people have been asking for a POV. I think one was posted a couple pages back of Kurt from the local radio station (Star 102.5) getting the first official ride in with a go pro, but here's one of just the ride with no commentary and no ninja turtles... Still waiting on a POV at night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KlvvYnIIAk


And finally I just wanted to share this last photo with you. Found it pretty funny since... let's face it, this would all be us. HECK this probably is us.


Here's a picture of a classic example of a park enthusiast... Don't know when this was taken but I do know that the park opens around 10:00. When do you think he pulled in?

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Oh my goodness. There were a lot of people coming in on a Saturday that also was a Corporate day!?!? Who would have guessed. See all those shirts with the 50 on the back? Yeah they had their annual company day at the park. It's always busy when this happens.



It really wasn't that busy at park opening on Saturday, at least the first couple of hours when I was there. I assumed it would be WAY more crowded with the new ride opening.

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Oh my goodness. There were a lot of people coming in on a Saturday that also was a Corporate day!?!? Who would have guessed. See all those shirts with the 50 on the back? Yeah they had their annual company day at the park. It's always busy when this happens.



It really wasn't that busy at park opening on Saturday, at least the first couple of hours when I was there. I assumed it would be WAY more crowded with the new ride opening.


The only time I'd consider the park "busy" is Fair Week

How busy was the waterpark? That's how you know if the park is full. The waterpark really eats up the guests

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