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  1. Adventureland is running a promotion where a Six Flags or Cedar Fair photo ID pass will get you into A-land free. However our CF platinum passes don’t have our photos on the card, so I don’t know how they’re going to actually do this.
  2. I just hit 21 this year, so I haven't had the time to appreciate the bars yet. However I can say that the Oktoberfest tent at the front of the park has a ton of different beers on tap. If they still do their over 21 event at the end of the year, I'm all in! (Oh! One thing I forgot to mention, they only check to see if the seatbelts are buckled on the wooden coaster, so if you're like me, leave them as loose as possible!)
  3. /\ Adventureland does not have a skip the line program. Depending on what time you show up, the lines shouldn't be a problem even on a Saturday. Usually the only line that gets over 30 minutes would be Monster, and occasionally Phoenix. If coasters are your goal, you should be fine. Here are some ride tips from a local that visits the park almost every day: 1. Tornado is great in the front, but if you can handle some roughness, the pull over the first drop in back is incredible. The middle rows (4-9) don't do anything, so I'd avoid those, and row 3 is the worst spot on the ride. 2. Ou
  4. /\ Adventureland has been operating as normal since the governor got rid of the capacity cap. If you or your wife are okay with taking the risk at Mount Olympus, you'll be fine over here.
  5. It's official, Dragon Slayer will be an S&S 4D free spin opening in 2021! Link:
  6. Thanks for sharing my photos. It was pretty cool to actually be the detective for once! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, but a free spin will only take up a small amount of land. They’ll have plenty of space for later attractions. (Maybe even another coaster, but who knows)
  7. Looks like the park is also removing their top spin style ride SplashOver. Now they have Dragon’s footprint, as well as a good plot right along the midway for another good flat.
  8. For those who haven't seen the gif from the park, The image VF15 posted is rotating 360 degrees. Link to the Gif:
  9. KCCI put out a video of the skycam going over the demo site. It's a much better look than what I could get from outside the park. Edit: Almost forgot the link to the footage - View from KCCI sky cam
  10. Dragon is coming down quickly. The first drop and two loops still remain, as does a bit of the second helix. Most of the helixes and the brake run have been removed.
  11. Adventureland just posted a teaser for their next addition in 2021. Along with this post it looks as though Dragon has meet it's demise. It's being disassembled as I type.
  12. All the ride ops I talked to last year all mentioned that the park is bare minimum considering removing Dragon in the next 2 to 3 years. Normally I'd be suspicious if it was only the one crew talking about it, but with the way A-Land rotates ride ops there were at least 20 different ops that talked about it without even being asked.
  13. I was at the park for the full 11-12 schedule. It was really cool to see Wild Thing go from an empty station at 12 to a full queue at 8. Fast Lane passes are a life saver on days like that.
  14. Worlds of Fun has some pretty kick ass mazes too. Bloodshed and especially Cornstalkers have been the highlights for me.
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