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Adventureland (Iowa) Discussion Thread

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Here are some great photos of the two new rides.



Drone Video: https://www.facebook.com/100067060294418/videos/pcb.567076412204364/931194838135395

Source: Sky High Erectors (lol), LLC


Also, some people more familiar with the park than me have noticed that the drone video shows that their Sky Ride is gone, because Palace.

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Visited for the first time last Friday. This is a really beautiful park. I know many on here may not appreciate the flowers they had but I was amazed because the amount they had and condition they were in only happens with an incredible amount of work. Just gorgeous! Also, fresh baked cookies.......! Why hasn't anyone else thought of this? Anyway, the coaster lineup was fine, nothing spectacular, but it's a very cute regional little park and I was happy to support it. Underground is down for an extended time, sign out front said the trains are being refurbed and there is a wall across the entrance so I'm not sure that will open until next year. The new junior coaster is cute but nothing amazing. We didn't ride the flume as it really had zero theming other than it's interaction with the new coaster, so just wasn't worth getting wet for us. But, if you had younger kids I could totally see them wanting to do these two over and over. 

Half day park for us, but again, if you had younger kids you would probably find a lot more to do.

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Good afternoon all! - I'm thinking of visiting this park this weekend (Sunday) Not very familar with the park, or crowd levels. Any tips, or advice for a first time visitor?? - We will also be visiting Lost Island on Saturday (So cross posted this in both threads for advice on each park.) Again, another new park for us. Excited for this trip! We love getting new experiences! 

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