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  1. As for the contents of the Mystic Shed, has anyone considered the possibility of a Wonder Mountain Guardian type Triotech shoot-em-up dark ride? This shed could easily be bigger than the renderings show cause it's just a rendering. I'd pay good money for airtime and the ability to defeat some cg tree spirits in the same ride.
  2. When I was there today they were pushing through each train in under a minute which totals out to just under 500 an hour. For Adventureland this is fairly high though so the wait times today were never beyond half an hour. 101 but it feels like 102 and then some
  3. I made the trek over to Altoona today. I had four rides on The Monster without having to wait much more than 20 minutes. The ride is one of the smoothest I've ridden and has exceptional hang time. The drop is simply absurd and the first dive loop thingy has a great pop of ejector air time if you sit on the right edge of the car. The restraints are similar to, if not better than, B&M's lap bars. There is a trim brake between the Immelmann and the Stengel Dive thingy so the ride does lose a good chunk of speed at the end, but I think it really works. The turn gives another good burst of hang time and the corkscrew is taken at a speed where you get a good balance of positive and negative forces. I am not very happy with the five inversion figure that has been posted by the park. It's probably technically correct but I still don't like it. The first drop shouldn't count. The first dive loop only really fully inverts late in the dive and is at closer to 90 degrees at the top. The next hill into a turn definitely isn't one. The loop is definitely an inversion, and should probably count as two. You hang upside down for what seems like a decade. The next dive loop over bank twist nonsense gets close but so does Millennium Force. The airtime hill is beautiful but not an inversion. The Immelmann definitely counts. The Stengel dive gets closer than any of the dive loops and feels much more like it. The corkscrew clearly is. This brings our total to 3,4,5,6,7, or 8 depending on what counts and what doesn't. In the grand scheme of things I guess it doesn't matter because it's still a fun ride.
  4. Looking at their facebook page it looks like they'll go vertical in early March which seems a bit late to me. The Storm Chaser didn't open until mid June though so it doesn't seem like having the new ride open on opening day is a priority. Don't quote me on this, but I believe that the big zero-g hang loop thingy is going to go around the sky ride, which will be kinda the best. Adventureland has one of the best old sky rides around and I'm glad they chose to integrate it into the layout.
  5. Given that every ride Nickelodeon Universe has built since their re-theme has been from either Gerstlauer, Chance, Intamin, or Moser, I feel it would be very likely that one of these companies would be behind any new project. If the Atomic Collider is on the chopping block (god forbid) , it'll probably get replaced with a flat. A Chance Freestyle would be a good fit. Moser has a good set of flats on their website too. I'd suggest a visit to their site, as the music is phenomenal. If a new coaster is going in I could really see a Gerstlauer or Intamin family coaster, possibly with a launch. If we're dreaming then it will be an aquatrax themed to Mrs. Puff's Boating School.
  6. ...you find out a girl you just met has the initals RMC, and you start imagining your life together...
  7. I personally love Gerstlauer's Sky Fly. If you know how to ride it correctly you can make it extremely fun and forceful. I once punched out about 40 flips on Shell Shock at Nickelodeon Universe, and it was just about the most intense ride I've ever ridden. I'd say the Zierer Fireball and Moser's Frisbee are a close second and third. The fireball has some insane airtime, while Moser's smaller model frisbee seems more forceful than Husses giant model.
  8. Umm.. One of the rides at my home park Adventureland, the Underground, is the only indoor wooden coaster, even though it's more of a dark ride with two lift hills and an eleven inch drop. It's still pretty fun though.. even though all the effects aren't up.
  9. 1. Banshee 2. Alpengeist 3. Patriot 4. Great Bear 5. Great White Great White in particular blew me away. It rode much smoother than other Batman clones, and the extra row on the train seems to add a bit more kick to the already forceful layout.
  10. Outlaw at Adventureland has a nice Lateral/Negative G combonation on it's second drop that I've always loved. Outlaw Run and Goliath both have solid back seat air on the first drop, and I was really surprised by Diamondback at KI this summer because of it's airtime even though it was hindered by trims.. Stupid trims.
  11. They both have a Bill Cobb Woodie.. Umm.. Six Flags Magic Mountain and Warner Bros. Movie World (The one down under)
  12. I've only been to WDW, so my favorite park is EPCOT. It has some of the best attractions the world offers. Soarin', Test Track, and Mission Space fit well together. When paried with the relaxingness of a massive aquarium, Ellen: The Ride, the big ball, and of course figment. The front half of the park blows a lot of smaller parks away. The back half has one of the best sets of country themed areas, probably behind Europa, but I've never been. It has some stellar cuisine and probably the best night show ever with the fire globe and such. If anything I'd love to see more Disneyness there, and I think Norwayzen will accomplish that well. Over the next two years I'm gonna visit DL and DLP, so I'll have much more insight on what the best Disney Park is.
  13. This year I only had the pleasure of visiting SFGAm and I'd say the quality of the park had dropped from my last visit in 2010ish. I went with my family and we got in for crazy cheap (Thanks ACE), and we got Flash-Passes. Sadly they did not help a lot. We waited just shy of three hours for a spin on the RMC because it was not included in the already overpriced gold tier. At a lot of the coasters it took you up to the station platform and into the storm of people only to wait twenty minutes due to the slow operations. By comparison at Kings Island, we literally walked on to Banshee on a similary busy day because of the non-packed station and smooth operations. We also bought tickets to the upcharge waterpark, but since it was cloudy or something like that, it didn't open. It kinda put yet another damper on the whole day. I spent this summer lifeguarding at Adventureland in Iowa and I only recall one day where we could hear tornado sirens. We closed the water for an hour or so and reopened for the rest of the day. Personally, I believe that Six Flags has lost touch with today's enthusiast. They are focused on money and money. Their guest experience is poor except for a few key attractions. Those rides are severely suppressed by the large crowds the parks draw and the excessive three hour waits. That is all.
  14. I'm a really big fan of any ride where you stand or have control of your motion. I've never had a bad experience on a stand up coaster and I greatly enjoy rotors and other similar rides. I had a chance to get a few spins on a rock-o-plane once and I fell in love. NickU up in Minnesota has Brain Surge and Shell Shock where you have a great deal of control. I find Brain Surge a wee bit dull, but on Shell Shock I've gotten over 30 flips (47 according to the ride op who felt obligated to notify me of this). After a couple in a row it gets super intense and stuff. It was fun. I reached my pinacle of motion sickness. Good times.
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