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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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Although I'm not sure where all of the plantlife you see in the Art concepts are going to go. There doesn't look like there's much room in between the coaster and the fake rocks and the buildings and everything.


And also, the trees and bushes they've already planted don't look very jungle-like to me.......although I'm not a huge expert in that area, so they could be.

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^I can't get enough of it! I'm so geeky the first thing I do is get up and scan through all the websites that show Black Mamba's construction!


I have to keep repeating to myself: 'it's only a hobby, it's only a hobby, it's only an interest, it's only a hobby...'

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Now look at this:


new photos


Best photos I have seen in a while.


Does anyone still doubt that they won't come near to the artworks?

Everything is taking shape now and the evolution the area has had in the last few weeks is nothing but amazing.


I'm counting the days (if I only knew how many days that is)

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^some great angles! The coaster looks like it will be incredibly disorientating, with all of the direction changes and dives and lifts under and over walkways and earth.


Here are some more shots and angles of the same work. http://www.onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=22145&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=700&-1


I tell you, the enthusiasm of these websites is incredible!

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OK, I know of two other vertical loops with a walkway through the middle: Supersonic Odysee in Malaysia and French Revolution in South Korea.

In both of those cases, the walkway is blocked off so that you can't pass through the loop.


Will they allow people arcoss this bridge, or will they be afraid of kids throwing stuff at the train?

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^Good question!

Those are both standard sit down coasters. On an invert, the track is between the walkway and the train. Maybe...


It will be particularly cool if that path is part of the queue.


No its not a part of the queue but you will be able to walk trough it.

The themed part of the park (africa) will have two parts to enter it.

The first one is near the mine train entrace witch will guide you trough the loop.

The other one begins with a bridge over the road between the park what brings you to the middle of the section near the small buildings.

You could see www.phantasialand.de for a parkmap to understand what i mean.

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I've said this once before on an earlier post and I think I'll say it again. This ride is going to surprise alot of peeps. Not only is the ride beyond sensory-overload, but I venture to guess this could "POSSIBLY" overtake the throne to *cough*Nemisis*cough. That may be stretching it a bit far, but once the ride opens, I can almost have complete confidence that people will NO DOUBT compare this along with Nemesis. Could these (Nemesis and Black Mamba) be the best 2 B&M's ever built?

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