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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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I hate to see all the old Arrows and Schwartzkopfs disappear. It's easy to complain about these rides, but remember they were designed over 30 years ago with just pencil and paper and a lot of trial and error (and huge financial risk). These companies invented the steel looping coaster without the benefit of CAD and lots of other modern tools. Sure they were replaced by better more refined designs, but that's always the case in things technology based, but you still need to acknowledge the contribution of what came before.

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I'm not a Pyhton fan at all, for me it has always delivered a rough and semi-painful ride.


BUT, yesterday before reporting for HOS, I got to the park early for my farewell ride on Python, and was surprised by the smoothest ride I've ever felt on that ride.


Still not going to miss it though...........

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I'm with Guy on this. Only rode it once, and it wasn't the death machine everyone made it out to be; probably because of my height. Though it's no Intamin goodness, it's not entirely bad.


(Back seat, first row only. God knows what an Arrow does at the front. )

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While Python isn't a good coaster to us, it did have that nice airtime moment on the first drop, and was a great starter coaster for the little ones just brave enough to battle it. As long as Busch doesn't take out Scorpion all will be good. Enjoy your retirement, Python, where ever you may end up!

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Hey Everyone.

My Dad and I went to BGT yesterday we rode everything except tiger,everything was running great except for Gwazi's one train operations.Sheikra was awesome as usual we rode in each row once.Crowds were pretty light!


Allright I walked through bushes,stood on poles,and risked dropping my camera from 200ft. up to get these pictures! Enjoy!And the pictures go from worst to best so make sure you look at all of them.


Thanks for Reading!


On a happier note they are starting to decorate for Christmas!


R.I.P. Python


No more double corkscrews


Only the lift and drop left.


That rumored kiddie section better be good!


Here you can see the torn steel.


They are deffinately not taking it apart gently!


This is where I snuck through bushes=]


Poking out from over the wall


Off Kumba's Bridge


Poor Python=/


If you look close you can see Python's train


They really tore up the area fast!


these signs and hanging flowers cover the construction wall.


All that is left of Python sticking out over the trees

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Did anyone notice the land behind python?was that where the ostriches were?


Yes, thats where Busch put the Ostriches at. Along with other animals that are not on display. Maybe these animals can finally be inside the park once the Congo expansion/refurb is done.

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