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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (SCBB) Discussion Thread

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I visited the 'walk with my family today to spend some time at the beach and hit up a few rides (today was only limited operation). We had a very nice day! Crowds were just right, not too dead, and not insane either. As for Hurricane, it's completely gone. I wanted to nab some shots of the site, but low and behold, there was a hard hat sign in the way, so the only way I could get a good look was with Double Shot. From the top of the tower, I saw nothing but concrete and some rusted metal lying around, nothing significant in terms of seeing parts of Undertow, but still an interesting sight.


Heres how the day was ridewise:


Giant Dipper: Running awesome as usual. Extreme laterals on the 2nd and 3rd turnarounds, and good airtime on just about every hill. Rode it several times in the back seat, and keeping my A$$ connected to the seat was borderline impossible.


Double Shot: Provided an excellent view of the Hurricane/Undertow deck and of course some ejector air at the top.


Other rides that were open: Pirate Ship, ringy dingy ding-a-ling ding Carousel, Haunted Castle, Speed Bumps, and a special surprise you'll see in the upcoming photos.


I also put together a compilation of offride shots of the Giant Dipper. There are so many angles you can shoot the coaster from, both in and out of the park, so I had a lot of fun making this. Photos follow the video!




We've arrived! And something is VERY different...


Yep. Hurricane is all gone to make way for some Maurer-Soehne goodness.


NOTED! Due to this, I could only take good pictures of this with my naked eye at the top of Double Shot.


Bare Hurricane/Undertow deck from another angle.


Double Shot beckons.



Mm-hmm. S&S goodness.




Sign of quality.


More signs of quality.


Sea Swings takes a nice long rest.


NOTED! Though you can take some good pictures from this point.


OH NO! One of my favorite rider-controlled flats is getting dismantled?!?


Oh, phew...it's all good. The "eggs" are getting some TLC this winter.


The Santa Cruz river was really full...


Artsy shot.


Another artsy shot.


We can't forget you Giant Dipper!







Fireball, with the seats off and...rusting?


This thing really needs some TLC! Hope they give it a fresh coat of paint for 2013.


I can't believe that I have one of the only remaining ringy dingy ding-a-ling ding carousels less than 50 miles away from me. Truly surreal!


The ringy dingy ding-a-ling ding dispenser.


GRRRR! I'm a CRAAAZY clown monster!!! Gimme some rings!


To conclude this update...what's this you may ask?


Yes, it's true. Speedway LIVES!

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Hooray for Speedway! Such an intense little ride there! It's spot does look rather temporary though as it appear to be right in front of one of the food stands.


Thanks for the Hurricane/UT update, it's been a while since I've heard or seen any activity on this. Actually, with the lack of any updates at the 'walk and with all of the excitement and focus on Gold Striker updates, I've almost completely forgot all about Undertow's existence. It looks quite strange to see an empty deck up top.


Also too bad all the rider-controlled flats are down...Rock-o-Plane, Wipeout, Tornado...and even Tilt-a-whirl (Yes, I've gotten some pretty hefty rotations on that thing just by sliding left to right at the right moments).

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Fireball, with the seats off and...rusting?


That's pretty common on boardwalk rides. Being next to the ocean isn't conducive to metal! Hope they rehab it in the offseason...definitely looks bad.

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It's good to see that Speedway still exists, it's a nice little ride.


When I'm going to Santa Cruz on Thanksgiving week, it will be very strange to see no Hurricane. It's good that Hurricane isn't going to be scrapped, I just hope that the new park will give it some good TLC.

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I remember riding the Hurricane back in 2000 when my grandparents traveled, & took me places when I was 10, I will miss this ride, & my grandpa is in the hospital, well I hope Undertow will give it a chance!


I hope your grandpa gets well soon.


I rode Hurricane just about every visit (under protest) to the Boardwalk and never got a painless ride.

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I rode Hurricane just about every visit (under protest) to the Boardwalk and never got a painless ride.
Really? Weird..I rode it 3 times on the second to last day of operation and it was completely painless all 3 times. Wonder why such a different experience. Guess it doesn't matter anymore
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Mmmmm, and deep fried Oreos. (RIP Twinkies)


Ugh. The deep fried Twinkies are the always the second best part of my trip to the Boardwalk. While I'm certain Twinkie will live again, even a delay in production may make life un-livable. Hopefully Twinkies are back before Undertow is ready to roll!

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For the people who don't use/have a Facebook, here are some other improvements being made in the park that they have shared with us:


- Replacing wood to the station for Logger's Revenge.

- Repainting Sky-Glider cars, Fireball, Logger's Revenge, Cliffhanger Cars,.

- As from the SCBB Facebook: "The entire Giant Dipper station will be repainted inside and out! Including some cool lighting, window, wood and vinyl enhancements!"

- Repainting the large "Giant Dipper" sign with new colors.

- Rebuilding stairs for the Sky Glider.

- Freefall is getting a new lift ramp.

- Replacing Cyclone.

- Building Undertow.


All these have been posted with pictures! Go check them out!


Here is the new sign for the Giant Dipper:


Old sign in the upper left-hand corner for comparison!

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Cyclone is getting replaced with a new version of the ride. From SCBB's Facebook:




I wonder what the new version will be...as in which model. That is one ride that I can probably ride once and would do it at the end of the day...as much as I broke my record and rode a (what felt more forceful) Gravitron 3 times in a few hours. I also used to ride Gravitrons like crazy when I was young and came off fine.


I'm diggin' the newly painted Giant Dipper sign. While it's a new color scheme, it doesn't stray too far from what it was. I've also looked at the newly painted gondolas for the Sky Gliders and that should look nice against the blue skies...that is until the UV rays and vandals take over and ruin it.


Only weird thing I notice are the 2 shades of yellow...the lighter looking like it already had too much sun. If it weren't so glossy I'd say that those still need to be painted

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Woah Nelly horse!


They're upgrading Cyclone? I wonder what they're going to make it do now... Maybe it'll lift up and then start rotating the entire spinning cage or maybe it'll go upside-down... or maybe... I got nothing...


I have to say, Speedway looks a little funky down by Speedbumps. Hopefully they can fix that area up a little better before the summer hits.


Fireball could use a new paint job as well... Maybe paint the ride all red and add some yellow flames going up the supports?


Anyway, I can't wait until the Undertow construction starts.

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