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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (SCBB) Discussion Thread

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Really excited for the replacement! This seems like a perfect fit for the Boardwalk and should be a big hit with the public.


Agreed! Hurricane just flat out hurt and to me, never really fit in at the Boardwalk (visually).

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Really excited for the replacement! This seems like a perfect fit for the Boardwalk and should be a big hit with the public.


Agreed! Hurricane just flat out hurt and to me, never really fit in at the Boardwalk (visually).


The worst thing about Hurricane for me is the space diver element (Think that's what it's called.), it's just really brutal. Plus the ride didn't have the most comfortable trains either.

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Glad to see SCBB getting an awesome ride. I love these types of rides and the one at Lagoon in Utah (Spider) was so awesome and we got it to spin like crazy the whole time. It was me and my dad facing backwards and 2 young kids in the front. After the drop and first turn toward the first brake-run it was hands up or hold on because we were completely dizzy after the ride.


I have never been able to make it to SCBB but if there is a BAB and it fits with my schedule then I will totally be there.


Jimmy "I love me some spinners" Bo

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First off, I want to thank the Boardwalk for putting on such an awesome event! I did not expect to get an ERT session on the Hurricane. I rode it four times in a row, and I have the bruises to prove it!


Expecting traffic, I headed off to the Boardwalk pretty early. Turns out, there was no traffic, so I got there around 9 a.m., and the announcement wasn't going to happen until 10 a.m.


Walking around, I noticed the Hurricane was testing, yet all the other rides were shut tight. Maybe we would get a chance to ride it? Turns out I was right!


The event itself was well done, even included a (hilariously corny) clip from the Hurricane's 1992 announcement.


I'll miss the Hurricane, but I'm really excited for Undertow! Looking forward to covering the ride's opening event.


Also, for you CGA fans: I asked if Undertow's announcement date was influenced by Au13's announcement on Wednesday. Undertow was actually going to be announced earlier, they said, but they felt that announcing it on the 27th would coincide nicely with the ACE event the day before.


For the story I wrote for my paper, and more details, check out: http://www.register-pajaronian.com/v2_news_articles.php?heading=0&page=72&story_id=13034


Hurricane POV I took from the front and back seats, along with off-ride footage. POV footage taken with permission:



Here is complete footage of the announcement. Warning, it's just a shot of people's backs, so use it for audio purposes only. Taking notes and pictures at the same time, I wasn't able to get a decent video.




All is quiet.


Hmm...what are these ride operators doing? Could they be getting the Hurricane ready for us?


Announcement stage getting set up.


Media and Boardwalk officials start to gather at the Upper Deck.


Boardwalk community relations director Kris Reyes officially announces Undertow.


The logo.


Footage showing off a similar Maurer Sohne spinning coaster.


I will leave you with some Hurricane farewell shots.






Thanks Boardwalk for an amazing morning!

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing! This is only getting me pumped for Wednesday when I head off to CGA for their media announcement. I remember back when this was first mentioned about Hurricane going away, I always thought a spinner was going to replace it...then I began to think Maurer Sohne, followed by SC2000 model! This gut feeling has stuck with me for several months now. I'm very excited for this and Nor Cal/Bay Area will really shine for 2013!


Random note:

I was talking to my coworker/supervisor about Boardwalk earlier and told him about Undertow. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hey, remember the Hurricane at Santa Cruz?

Sup: I don't remember any hurricanes happening in Santa Cruz, where have you been?

Me: No,no! The coaster, Hurricane!

Sup: Oh, yes now I know what you're talking about!


I then proceed to tell him about Undertow and what it does. He seemed pretty excited about it as he loves the boardwalk anyway.

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The worst thing about Hurricane for me is the space diver element (Think that's what it's called.), it's just really brutal.
Thats the BEST part! I drive 3 hours just for that half of a second.


I totally agree, that was the best part! The trick was to keep your head back against the headrest and hold on to the bar directly in front of you. If you did those two things it is intense but very fun and does not hurt. I guess I am going to miss Hurricane a little bit!

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Had a great time at SCBB after a long overdue visit. $10.95 admission after 5 with a pepsi can is awesome as always. Rode and bid farewell to Hurricane, had some crazy rides on some Kiddy Rides while Crazy Surf & Tornado challenged my senses, and other things. The Haunted House was pretty good for a non-Disney type ride. Logger's Revenge was a soaking adventure, Fireball was packing a punch, Freefall was a great medium sized frog jumper, Wipeout indoors was a blast, and Giant Dipper is just as classic as ever, which goes to show that woodies still do kick major @$$.


On to the photos!


Giant Dipper I see you!


Double Shot I see you too!



Double Shot up close and personal


Hello Hurricane








Farewell Hurricane!


Where it's at!


Stuck in the middle of SCBB :-P


We <3 SCBB!


We got balls, BIG ONES!


Giant Dipper!


Train coming!






Nerd shot!




Billy & The Kid(die) Coaster


Crazy indeed



Nighttime falls on The Dipper....






Here comes the train!


We're next!


Here we go!


Artsy shot...


Full Moon....


Had this to get this as my final shot of the moonlit ocean, thanks SCBB for a great night!

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Thanks for sharing Jeff! There can never be enough pics of the Dipper. It's kept in obsessively perfect shape by the park, never runs rough, has some decent back seat airtime, wicked laterals...it's got it all, and to top it all off...


...it smells good too...

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My bad experience on Crazy Surf was first how you get thrown around in your seat. Then when I went on the ride I sat at the very end and smashed my head on the side... Although I liked the idea and there was some nice airtime,I just wish it wasn't so painful.

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