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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (SCBB) Discussion Thread

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I think the crisscrossing lines are distracting and it looks like spot lights or something. Also it kinda bugs me that the darker blues of the water and text are so close, but not the same exact color.


More like this...


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Today I went to the Boardwalk to get in some rides and to check out Undertow. As far as Undertow goes there is hardly any progress on the coaster at the moment but I imagine once track starts showing up the ride it's self will go up very quickly. One thing I was surprised about was there were nine rides running instead of five. (They have been advertising that only five were open on limited operation days.) Giant Dipper was running extremely well and it smooth. The only ride that wasn't running very well was Haunted Castle or as I dubbed it today, "Broken Castle". A ton of the props weren't working at all and the whole ride seemed a lot darker than it has been in the past. Other than that I really enjoyed the light crowds and amazing weather at the boardwalk!


Walking in to the Boardwalk!


Sweet more rides are running than I originally thought!


One of my favorite rides at the Boardwalk, Double Shot.


As I said above the weather was very clear today.


It was very strange not seeing Hurricane up on the upper deck.


Fire Ball has been repainted and looks a lot better.


As well as the Giant Dipper station.


A look at the repainted interior.


Close up of the repainted sign.


And a look at the Broken Castle (Read above if you don't understand this.)


The Log Ride side of the Boardwalk is blocked off while it is limited operation.


Something interesting, these three games were featured on the TV show American Restoration!


Little info about them.


I will end this update with a shot of Giant Dipper!

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Ugh, the logo is fine.


It's the offseason. Dissecting logos is what we do.


I agree with the criticisms though: like the attempt to modernized, but it still feels old. I would have gone even more retro (since that's hip now)

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Nice to see the Boardwalk get some TLC, paint-wise. It's a shame that Haunted Castle has a touch of 'off-season-itis' (as in not being fully functional). I think I do recall some audio (that familiar, catchy ending theme in the guillotine room) not playing, just the sfx only. This was back in August when I rode. I remember an earlier report (BlueFireGuy's?) showing how rusted Fireball looked. I'm glad that was addressed and now the ride looks like new (though a bit bare at the moment as it doesn't have its light fixtures mounted)!

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Old Logo > New Logo


I agree with Wes. It does look like clip art for a powerpoint project. But as long as the company's happy with it, I guess that's all that matters. There was something magical and exciting about the old logo... I won't ever find that in this new logo. Oh well. Times change, and things change.

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