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List the parks you have visited in 2010

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New year, new topic.


Keep track of the parks you have visited in 2010 and post your list in this topic.




My list so far is as follows :


Plopsa Indoor Hasselt





Earth Explorer



Fort Fun





Alpine center







Total 2010 : 18 different parks = 19 parkvisits

(Total 2004 --> 2010 :96 different parks = 238 parkvisits)

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Well technically I already visited Six Flags Fiesta Texas as I was there this morning after the fireworks at midnight!


This year looks really good though, with the midwest trip, my moving to Florida, and other possible trips.

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The only park I've been to so far this year has been Disney's Animal Kingdom, which happened to be today. It was just too cold to go last week.


...Next week I'm heading to BGT.




Updated: 3/26






Magic Kingdom


Next up: Lowry Zoo on Tuesday, followed by EPCOT on 4/13, and IOA/USF on 4/20.

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So Far...


Six Flags Magic Mountain 4X

Disneyland Resort 1X




Knotts Berry Farm

Adventure City

Universal Studios Hollywood

Bay Area Bash Bonus Park

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

California's Great America

Nickelodeon Universe

Mt. Olympus

Timber Falls

Six Flags Great America

Indiana Beach

Holiday World

Six Flags St. Louis

Silver Dollar City

Worlds of Fun



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Just got my first parks in last week, here is my list so far!



Busch Gardens Tampa - 2x

Seaworld - 2x[/b]

Universal Studios Orlando - 1x

WDW Animal Kingdom - 1x

WDW Epcot - 2x[/b]

WDW Hollywood Studios - 2x

WDW Magic Kingdom - 3x



4/9 - Kings Dominion

5/1 - Kings Island

5/2 - Holiday World

All Summer - Cedar Point (I work here!)

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So far....


Kings Island xX

Coney Island xX

Waldameer x1

Holiday Wolrd x1

Cedar Point x1

Kennywood x1

Strickers Grove x1

SFA x1

Kings Dominion x1

SFoG x1


Not too bad. Hoping for another trip to HW/CP before the season's over, and maybe hit Beech Bend or Indiana Beach.

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^^Have fun at KD! SFA isnt anything TOO spectacular outside of a few good rides, but I think I can best describe KD as Kings Island with GOOD rides and theming. Aside from a bit of a park layout malfunction, I can't recomend the place ENOUGH (especially now that they have I305 )

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