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  1. Longtime lurker here . I always thought they should re-theme New France to Norway, considering Canada isn't in Europe. It wouldn't be that hard. A few textual changes here and there, some grass on roofing. InvadR would be even more thematically appropriate!
  2. I can't remember who said this, but I remember reading a quote that went something like, "The difference between an amusement park and a theme park is that if you take the rides out of a theme park, it's still a theme park. If you take the rides out of an amusement park, it's a parking lot." KI, KD, and even HP fall into a grey area. They have minimal themes but nice landscaping. I guess if you took the rides out of them, they'd just be nice parks. So I suppose Amusement Park is correct?
  3. Does anyone have a map of the event? I've been looking through the event website but for whatever reason they don't have a map posted. So obnoxious and inconvenient! I'm only asking because I like to plan out my visit, and a map would be really useful.
  4. Well I hope PETA sues this dumbshat LA stereotype Shelaninaninanaia for animal cruelty. Six Flags saved the dog's life so they should not be liable. I bet one of the kennel workers took the dog home so it wouldn't have to be subjected to this owner's asshattery anymore.
  5. 1) Disneyland 2) IOA 2) Busch Gardens Europe 3) Hersheypark 4) Epcot 5) Kings Dominion
  6. Those riders were so effing annoying that I almost wish this thing went down Final Destination 3 style (without riders falling out, slamming into support structure, or generally getting injured of course ). Whoever threw/let go of that backpack is an idiot and should be banned from the parks. As for the "penny trick", it's stupid and idiotic for the guy to do that since it COULD hit someone's face, but at least he wasn't doing a cell phone or brick trick. OUCH. I think the best part is when that man sitting in the back pulls out his cell and tries to communicate what happened. "T
  7. ^ Personally I don't care for WDW since I don't live in FL anymore. I know they're adding onto FL and building a new hotel, but Animal Kingdom is still lacking rides after a decade, Hollywood Studios is thematically confused and in certain aspects embarrassing. I'm just saying compared to DL or even Tokyo DL, WDW doesn't really strive for amazing quality. And I don't take Micechat's or any fan sites word too seriously, I'm just reporting what I've read.
  8. Oh cool. Now Disneyland can have the same amazing quality as WDW. I don't understand why the company keeps promoting people who don't understand the service industry. If you cut costs to turn a bigger profit, customers will see the declining quality of the product and flee. It already started to happen at WDW. DL has been doing exceptionally well though, but only because they actually partake in capital investments to improve their product. Micechat has already begun to protest and spread the word... they are terrified (like many others) that DL will go right back into the
  9. I can't wait to return to Ocean City in July! It's my second home!!! I've been going there every summer since I was born, so viewing your post made me joygasm. I still remember how Jolly Rogers used to be when I was a tike. It was great back then, so many more rides. My first coaster was actually this Zamperla Dragon they used to have. All it did was helix but it scared the crap out of me lol. The Log Flume they have was also my first major water ride. Too bad the park is not what it used to be.
  10. I was surprised too. When I think of B&M I usually think smooth but intense. I must have had bad luck cause I banged my head through most of the transitions no matter how I braced it. I would have ridden Superman and Apocalypse but I was starting to feel kinda nauseous from being tossed around all day. Yeah I noticed the metal pads under the rails. Really caught me off guard but it was still a fun ride in a "OMG WE GONNA DIE YALL" way. BTW Green Lantern looks sick. Some people were taking pics of it near the construction walls and one girl said "WTF is THAT?" lol. I
  11. So I visited SFMM for the first time yesterday, and I must say it was not what I expected. To me, the park was like some boastful love-child of Hersheypark and Kings Dominion (who's probably sleeping with Busch Gardens Europe, skank). Lots of hills, lots of coasters. I can see how people would be turned off or on by this park. What surprised me most was how disappointed I was with their coasters. Mind you, I only got to ride Tatsu, X2, Ninja, Ridler's Revenge, Scream, Colossus, Revolution, Goldrusher, and Goliath. The only coasters I found myself loving are Tatsu, Goliath, Ninja, and X2.
  12. Quick off-topic question: I'm heading to SFMM for the FIRST TIME on Thursday and I was planning on purchasing my tickets online ($36 holla!). I know with some parks, if you want to buy your tickets online, you have to do so at least two days before your intended visit for some reason or another. I was just wondering if that's the case with SFMM? If I buy my tickets online the day before my visit, should I be fine?
  13. Ok so from what I gather I should hit up X2 and/or Tatsu first depending on if I arrive early (which I will... hopefully). And if not, then I go counter-clockwise to go against crowd flow. Awesome. In terms of food, what places are the best quality and price? I enjoy vomiting up funnel cakes and fried chicken on rides as much as the next person, but healthyish food would be pleasant! Especially if I'm gonna be testing my thrill tolerance on rides I've never been on. Seriously, I may love roller coasters.... but X2 and Viper have me nervous!
  14. Hey everyone! So, I have recently moved to SoCal from Florida (Of course I move when Fantasyland and HP are expanding ) and I'm visiting SFMM next week for the FIRST TIMEEE!!! I'm usually insanely prepared for theme park trips; I practically study the map and make a plan of attack, but I just can't figure out SFMM. What's the best way to tackle this park? Should I go clock-wise? Counter-clockwise? Should I hit X2 or Tatsu or Goliath first? I need some help yall.
  15. ^ I don't have a problem with ANY park adding a new, thrilling ride. I just think cramming them on top of each other looks tacky and diminishes the theming and/or atmosphere. As eddie200330 wrote: But I'm a coaster whore, so I'd probably end up riding anything they add. *Naughty Panda*
  16. ^ UGH. I guess Hersheypark is taking after Knott's Berry Farm. I wonder how many coasters they're gonna try and cram on top of each other before they realize they ruined the park.
  17. ^^^ Well what do ya know? If they build/add something new, people come!
  18. In no particular order: Big Bad Wolf (RIP) Matterhorn Bobsleds (only at night) Rock'n Roller Coaster (WDW - sitting in the front) Kraken (only at dusk) Dragon Challenge Griffon or Sheikra Revenge of the Mummy (Orlando) Flight of Fear (KD) Storm Runner Tie between Volcano: The Blast Coaster and Kumba Roller Coasters I have yet to ride that I think WOULD be on my list: Katun El Toro Space Mountain Paris Nemesis Goliath (SFMM) Texas Giant (Steel 2.0 baby) Colorado Adventure Intimidator 305 X2 Cheetah Hunt
  19. @Thrillrider, I can understand your logic, but I probably feel this way because I've visited the parks so often that I've become desensitized by the "magic". Sadly, Disneyland is the only place left where I can still feel it, probably thanks to Walt's mystic presence in the park lol Yes I know WDW has more attractions, but some of them just look outdated. But I'm happy the Magic Kingdom is starting to work on this, it's about time. As for Harry Pothead versus Fantasyland 2.0, I don't see how a slow omni-mover and themed restaurant can compare to the crazy WWOHP. But like you said, I gu
  20. I live in Orlando so I visit the parks regularly, and by that I mean strictly Universal. I can completely see reasoning for the price increase for the Disneyland Resort (because it's awesome and laughably better), but definitely not WDW. I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars just to visit four theme parks which aren't even the best Disney has to offer. If they actually finished AK, updated the aging attractions at MK, and fixed DHS park identity problem, then I could see this price increase as reasonable. I don't count Fantasyland's expansion; its a pale counterattack to Harry Potter. All
  21. I would like to be the first and tell you all that there is a hidden mickey in the HPFJ queue! Look near the sorting hat
  22. Well with installation and dispatching they are, as for maintenance and safety, Universal is obviously good about making sure their rides are safe and well maintained. Either way, I wish HRRR would have come out as a better ride. But at least you get to listen to cool music.
  23. For whatever reason, these trains just do not fit well on the track. Every time I've ridden HRRR, my car was shaking and jolting. It doesn't help that some seats have malfunctioning speakers; you never know if your music will play or not) This ride had a lot of potential, I just don't see why they didn't go with a more popular and reliable manufacturer such as intamin. (Don't bother telling me about their safety record, I know...). I went to Uni on sunday and they were running 5 trains so hopefully the wait times will go down at least.
  24. 1) Splash Mountain (DL) - WDW's has ugly log boats and the ride feels too controlled, plus the drop feels steeper at DL. 2) Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges (IOA) - When a rapids ride gets you soaked from actual rapids instead of standard waterfalls, you know it's amazing. 3) Grizzly River Run (DCA) - While I enjoy Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom for it's themeing and mid-course drop, the overall ride is ridiculously tame and short. So this Disney rapids ride takes the cake. Other water rides worth noting are Journey to Atlantis at Seaworld (the boat dips UNDER the water fo
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