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Famous coaster enthusiasts

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And as we all know, Wacko-Jacko.

He even came up with the idea for the Colorado Adventure (Vekoma mine train) in Phantasialand. He made up the concept and part of the lay-out.


The ride is named after him: "Colorado Adventure, the Michael jackson thrill ride" (I guess there will be a lot of Jacko jokes in the comming up Phantasialand TR from the TPR Europe Tour )

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Funny story: when I was working at Cedar Point back in the 80's, we used to have rock groups come to the park all the time after performing in either Cleveland or Toledo.


My friend Jackie was stage managing one of the shows at the front of the park. A group of guys approached her and asked if they could rent out the park for the day. She said she didn't think so.


Then one of the guys said "But we're from Skid Row." Jackie had never heard of the group Skid Row, and thought they meant skid row, as in homeless!


They told her they were a famous band. To shut them up, she said, "Well, I am more of a Barry Manilow fan myself!"


They were not amused, but I was and still am!

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Hey Drew Carey .. he's been spotted at Cedar Point several times.

If I remember, there was a mention of Cedar Point in one episode of The Drew Carey Show and there was an episode where Drew tries to apply for a management position at Six Flags.


I think thats solid evidence hes a coaster enthusiast.

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I forget what show it was on, but Courtney Cox and David Arquette said they are coaster nuts and go to parks on their vacations. David was also at the opening of Goliath at SFMM with a train full of guests who were all named David.


That SFMM gig was a paid appearance for him, but yes he is a coaster fanatic, and she has become one as well.


During their honeymoon in 1999, they came to ride Georgia Scorcher just after it opened. I think they were honeymooning on the Coast somewhere and made a special side trip just to ride.

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I encountered a celebrity being back doored on to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney-MGM Studios in December. I don't know if she's an "enthusiast" but I thought it was funny seeing Eartha Kitt surrounded by Mouse security entering throught the gift shop of the attraction



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Ive heard that Hulk Hogan and fam have season passes to USO and have been spotted on several occasions.


Speaking of wrestlers but unrelated to coasters, on my way to work I used to always see John Tenta (Earthquake) out jogging in Lake Mary with his wife.

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15 years ago when i was an ACE member, jimmy jam (of flyte time productions who produce almost all of janet jackson's albums, quite a bit of mariah carey's b-sides, and former member of 80's funk band "the time") was also a member. maybe he still is. his listed name was james harris III.

i also remember watching an interview from around that same time period where ex-new kid on the block donnie wahlberg talked about how much he loves looping rollercoasters.

one more for ya: lea salonga, the original kim in "ms. saigon" in london and NYC, and the voice of jasmin in "aladdin" is a coaster enthusiast, too.

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