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Starting up the next season

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Even though the season just ended for some of us, where will you start the next season, when, and what will be your first credit?


I'll start at Hershey on April 25 and probably go on Fahrenheit as my first coaster of the season.

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Well, I dont have an off season, but for now the only park I'm frequently at is the DLR parks. So I will consider WCB (obviously at SFMM) to be the start of my season becasue that will be my first non disney park of the year. I'm excited because it will be my first TPR event and my first coaster enthusiast event!

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I'm planning on being at West Coast Bash at SFMM (which is sometime in March) but I'll most likely make it to another park before that (either Knott's or SFMM). If it's SFMM, I always start my day off with X2 and if it's Knott's, I'll probably start off with Xcelerator (when it reopens)...if it ever reopens...

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I've still got a couple more parks for this year, so I really have no clue. However, it will most likely be either Six Flags Magic Mountain (if I go to West Coast Bash) or Knott's Berry Farm (if Xcelerator opens). Therefore, my first coaster will be one of the following: Terminator Salvation: The Ride, Tatsu, X2, Xcelerator, or GhostRider.

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