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Disney Death (This Time, Typhoon Lagoon)

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This is getting crazy.


Do people just not like taking care of themselves or something? (Not like I'm one to talk, havn't seen a doctor in a while).


I wonder what is going on.


I'd be curious to see if these amounts of deaths are normal for Disney.


I mean, people die all the time, just because you are in Disney World, doesn't mean you are immune to death.


I'd be real curious to see what the stats are on this.


Disney's rides are getting less and less tame as time goes on-- I wonder if the strenuous experiences just don't help these folks.


(that wave pool can be a beeyotch if you are out of shape)

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^^Actually that was the Tower girl who complained of leg cramps and headaches...


Eh, whatever...


Still this is not Disney's fault. I'll revert back to one of my other posts in the Disney Deaths topic. It's pure statistics, when you serve a larger population and have a greater sample size you're more likely to have injuries and deaths!

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I just think it's very convenient for all these things to be making news after the first little boy/girl died on Mission: Space. It's a fact that people die at Disney all the time. At least two have died at Universe of Energy, at least two at Body Wars, one that I know of at Great Movie Ride...people die. And like someone else said, just because you're at Disney doesn't mean you're immune to death. I'd bet money that the numbers haven't gone up at all, but the media is looking for any way to make Disney look bad (one more reason I'd never work in journalism).

It sucks that these things happen while on vacation, and especially while at Disney World. But she could have just as easily died after swimming at her local pool, or walking around a mall. It's just the heartless media being sensationalistic.


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^ I'm going to use that quote somewhere.


Semi-seriously, a Disney graveyard is not a totally bad idea. WDW has enough land where they can build a pretty large one. Once people get over the morbid nature, think how much Disney could rake in by offering the service. Disneyphiles would pay an arm and a leg (heh) to be buried on-property. Think of how many people say they want their ashes scattered at the parks and stuff. Offer the same concept, legally on well cared for grounds. They could even put cool Disney topiary. Crap, they could make a Haunted Mansion style area mausoleum.

Families could make their visits to remember their loved ones, and then spend their vacation at the resort. Uncle Ted in the morning, Space Mountain in the evening.


If they offered package deals, they'd make a KILLING.

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Given the fact that I have pondered the idea of how my family could get past the bag check with my urn of ashes so as to sprinkle them at the base of "my castle", your ideas, however morbid, are good. There are those of us who would seriously consider "the holy land", as I call it, as their final resting place. However, this is a bit off the actual subject.


I agree with Julie, and also with a post Elissa made back in the ToT thread.... Disney gets millions of tourists a year...and I have no doubt that many of them, of all ages, arrive with pre-existing health problems and that those conditions, combined with the weather, excitement and other physical factors such as days of walking in the heat, riding rides, etc, have probably caused more deaths on property than we have ever realized. I can't help but think that it's all been just bizarre coincidence that three children have died this summer. To believe that it is anything Disney is "doing" is ridiculous.


I believe the media is going full-tilt to make it sound as if something unsafe or sinister is going on, and that is just the media for you.


Shari "any ideas on disguising my ashes would be appreciated" Shoufler

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I'm going to be the devils advocate and say yes, lots of people visit Disney, some will die, but also no, the rides there are getting more intense each year.


Lately, with your Mission Spaces (even Body Wars, which is brutal btw) and crazy ToTerrors/RnRollercoasters (gawd, its a rattling vekoma people), Disney is building rides with less entertainment kiddie value and more thrill factor/fear factor. Gone are the 25 mph space mountains -- now we have 55 mph scream machines.


Don't for one second not think that some of these more intense rides aren't aggravating pre-existing conditions.


Yes they are pre-existing -- but really, how responsible is it to have attractions that shake people (and their pre-existing conditions up).


We aren't talking about a six flags or carnival midway where these things haven't changed (basic thrill experience) over the years.


Disney's ride culture is significantly changing -- and I think its throwing some people for a loop.


Gone are the days when anyone could walk on a ride and it would be 'cool' for everyone.


15-20 years ago that was the case, now a days, hella no. My wife won't go on a handful of attractions because they are too intense. I personally hate a handful myself. As a kid, Disney parks were far more 'kid friendly'. Now they aren't so much anymore. Teen friendly yes, kid friendly not so much anymore.


So kids dying -- I can sort of see why. Parents think this is the old Disney. Where all the rides are tame. They take their kids on it, or let them go on their own...things happen.


I'm split down the middle here on this one. On one hand, yah, its stupid to blame disney. But on the other hand, the rides they are building lately are becoming crazier and crazier.

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The teenage girl that got sick after riding TOT, it had said she had went on it several times during the week with no problem but that she had been complaining of leg cramps and headaches for several days. This sounds to me like she probably had a blood clot in her leg and it was making her sick and after her last ride, it may have dislodged and went to her heart, therefore causing heart problems. Sad really


Two little children now that just dropped dead for no apparent reason! :shock:


I feel bad for Disney with all this negative publicity esp with children dying. 3 people could drop dead at the local mall and hardly anyone would hear about it or even notice but if it's at a Disney park, it's a media frenzy

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Gone are the days when anyone could walk on a ride and it would be 'cool' for everyone.


15-20 years ago that was the case, now a days, hella no



And why is that??? Um, maybe because the public (including a lot of folks who hang out here at TPR) want (demand) that parks create faster, higher, more wicked attractions. For Disney's parks to stay competitive in the theme park market, it's pretty much something they have had to do.


Small World and Snow White are great for those of us who just have to have that Disney nostalgia, but for families with teenagers, or people like me who have husbands that aren't so in to Disney but love thrill rides, it is what they have had add to meet the public's desires.


That said, I don't think Disney's thrills begin to match up with what is out there in the theme park market overall. When we visited MGM in 2001, my husband deemed Rock n RollerCoaster and ToT to be "weak" and I am sure there are many thrill ride enthusiasts who would concur. ToT doesn't compare to something like PKI's Drop Zone and RnRC isn't Top Thrill Dragster.


While I somewhat agree that people may think that with Disney they are going to get sweet little family rides, but that thought should end when they read their guide book or see the big SIGN as they enter the ride. If the warnings don't make you stop and ask a question or two, well, is that really the parks fault?


I never ride an ride or allow my child on a ride without knowing something about it. I also know when I visit a park in the summer to keep my child hydrated, take a break from time to time, etc.


Heat can cause so many health issues to arise in all ages. Just a couple of weeks ago, I chaperoned with my daughters day care to an afternoon Reds game. We left in the 4th inning, much to my dismay, because the heat index was over 100 degrees and there were two children who got sick in our group and were taken to first aid. The physician on duty told the group leader that it was unhealthy for the kids to be out sitting in the direct sun like that, and she later said that by "law" they aren't supposed to take the kids outside if the temperature is over 90. I can remember being at Disney in June 2001 and it was already 90 at like 10 am.



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