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Disney Death (This Time, Typhoon Lagoon)

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I'd bet money that the numbers haven't gone up at all, but the media is looking for any way to make Disney look bad (one more reason I'd never work in journalism).



Actually, that'd be the reason I would go into journalism... To be one of the only honest reporters, who actually gathers facts before opinions/assumptions... I haven't read a fair Disney article in months.

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The argument about bigger faster rides being the catalyst here are stupid. This wasn't a case of someone dying on a ride.


Second, warnings are posted on ALL rides. They are not just wall decorations, they are to be read. If people choose not to read them, their fault.


Natural selection at it's finest.


Again, my post has nothing to do with this case, but with theme park deaths as a whole.

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They would totally put the ashes of cremated folk in the haunted mansion. It would scare the crap outta people to figure out if it was dust or dead-body ashes they were sneezing on.


Didn't that happen a few years back at DL's Haunted Mansion - I vaguely remember reading an article about a family that really did sneak someone's ashes into the attraction, then started dumping them out mid-ride (which security jumped on pretty quickly - it happened back when anthrax was still a hot button issue).


Wish I can remember where the heck I read that one.

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Well this particular incident really isn't Disney's fault. I mean she just collapsed by the wave pool. I mean the real ocean can be worse than a wave pool. If she crashed on a water slide or fell off a tube then I could see where Disney could be faulted. But not this.

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And just to reinforce the points made, we were at PKI today in the wave pool when suddenly there was a good deal of commotion, with the lifeguard nearest to us pointing to the center of the pool near the "shore". About this time I saw another guard come running and I see a crowd around a big man, probably 50-60ish. I heard someone say he had passed out??


He was able to walk out of the pool on his own and I am assuming he was fine on his own as I never saw the little park ambulance come for him or anything, but there were a few hundred people in the pool at that point an no one else was having a problem, so clearly it was the guest and not the attraction.



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