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TPR Goes to IAAPA 2009 - Photos & Videos from the show!


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Upside down zip lines!! Yah right, since the rollercoasters don't already do a good enough job getting people to throw up as it is. I would love to see this put in at Dollywood. People throwing up all over the GP, and the "landing" would be awesome to see!

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More Awesomeness!!!! Including the amazing, best company ever...GOLDEN HORSE!!!


Look, it's a full size X-Car on display! Or not.


Portable ice skating rink.


Drop Tower in action.


Mini drop tower set up in the show floor.


There it is! Flying Fury!


Techincal Park. They made that crazy thing we rode at Tivoli Gardens.


We have been on at least one, possibly 12 of these Golden Horse spinning coasters!


Dude! It's the Golden Horse company!!!

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What did the guys from Gröna Lund tell you? GIVE US THE SCOOP!!! (They are getting a giga arent they?) Its also nice too see that so many manufators seems to be looking at Intamin and b&m for inspiration hopefully in 2010 we will see some great Vekomas at Universal:Singapore, the 4 seat X-car was sexy.

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Someone should ask Stan Checketts why S&S rides are junk and also ask Huss why they suck at getting replacement parts out to parks quickly!


Gee I wonder why enthusiasts get such a bad reputation...


Here is the rides that S&S has built.


Turbo towers- There the only rides that actually work right with very little down time.


Screaming swing- Good ride but way to much down time.


Sky Swatter- only 2 were sold and again more downtime than up.


Hypersonic coaster- Junk!


It took huss 3 months to get a replacement motor to SFNE for their huss frisbee.


I know if i was spending millions on a ride i would want them to answer the questions!

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^^WHAT!? You mean complicated pieces of machinery have issues that need repairing!? Wow I'm glad my car has never needed to be serviced, or had a toaster that lasted me forever and never needed replacing.


^ The barstool?


I also demand more mini pancake machine coverage!

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Even more random stuff!


They built one in St. Petersburg!!! OMFG! (Note, St. Petersburg Russia, not Florida!)


Something new from the Starflyer guys and equally insane!


These guys do everything conveyer related! Remember the conveyer on Downhill Double Dipper? They did it! All waterpark fans that hate carrying those giant tubes should thank these guys right now!


These guys do the red light green light systems for water parks. Anyone else having elementary school flashbacks? Red Light Green Light 1 2 3!!!


The future of those balloon rides! One was testing on Oasis of the Seas but broke off and went flying away!!!


Best new food product of the show. I didn't realize that Italian Ice was so big!

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Italian Ice won? No way, that pancake machine was robbed! I worked at a waterpark for many years, and always thought about having a red light/green light. I even presented it to the Six Flags Regional Manager and her said it's too expensive, and nobody needs it.

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Hey guess what, more photos, the show is about to close for the day so get ready for more PKI JIZZ MAN IN DEPTH reports tonight (including possibly some VIDEOS!!!) *Note, videos are also IN DEPTH!!!!


Oh, and a Jeff Johnson joke is somewhere below!!!


Dark Rides Gone Wild!!! TOPLESS BABY!!!


Sally Corp had a Jeff Johnson animatronic.


This park has the potential for awesome! It also looks like some sort of Ferrari Alien Space Ship.


It's all about the portable ropes course! More parks need these!!!!


This is the 'Dead Bodies Floating in Hamster Balls' Attraction.


Moser always has some crazy looking machine that would kill Elissa!

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