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TPR Goes to IAAPA 2009 - Photos & Videos from the show!


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Hey TPR Peeps!


Robb and Hanno are in Las Vegas and getting ready for the start of the big IAAPA Expo Show 2009. For those of you unfamiliar with this event, it's basically the biggest Amusement Park Trade Show in the World. There are booths from companies that range from giant roller coasters to churro stands!


They are all trying to sell their next big thing to the Amusement Parks, Water Parks, and FEC's out there.


We will keep live updates going in this thread today and tomorrow as Robb & Hanno walk the show floor, and be prepared for some video segments as well!


EDIT - Photo Directory!

Complete Coverage Part 1 - 100 Photos and our first IAAPA Video!



Page 1 Includes Photos of: IAAPA, Premier Rides, M&V, GCI, S&S, Friends from Grona Lund, Mack, & Will Koch on his Timberliner train!


Page 3 Includes Photos of: Huss, Zamperla, Intamin, B&M, Games, White Water West, Looping Waterslide, Inflatables, MagiQuest, Mauer Sohne, Vekoma, Gerstlauer, LoQ


Page 4 Includes Photos of: Pax, Flowrider, Plush, Pancakes, Wax Figures, and SFoG's Deja Vu heading to Brazil


Page 5 Includes Photos of: Proslide, In Depth TimberLiner Photos, Icee, Premier Wheels, SkyDiving, Upsidedown Zip Lines


Page 6 Includes Photos of: Golden Horse, Technical Park, Drop Towers, Portable Ice Skating


Page 7 Includes Photos of: Lights, Conveyor Belts, Italian Ice, and scary Star Flyer type rides!


Page 8 Includes Photos of: Moser, Dead People in Hamster Balls, Portable Ropes Courses, Jeff Johnson, and Dark Rides Gone Wild!!


Page 9 Includes Photos of: Premier Rides with Ferris Wheel Lift Systems, Lights at night, and IAAPA!


Page 13 Includes Photos of: Full First Day Rundown and VIDEO! PTC & Premier


Page 14 Includes Photos of: Intamin, Giant Plush, Roller Coaster Museum, and Outdoor Exhibits including Giant Apes, Sledding, and a Starflyer!


Page 15 Includes Photos of: Halloween Stuff, Zorb Knockoffs, Inflatables, a Gorilla with a guy in a Cage, Jeff Johnson, Hot Chicks with Balls, Video Games, Free Pizza, More Hot Chicks, and SKEEBALL!!!


Let's begin!


Hooray! Magical Midway! (not so much magic though!)


It's that time of year again...IAAPA! ...or the quest for yummy churro.

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Show is open! Here come the photos!


Keep in mind, these photos are just to keep you updated AS THE SHOW HAPPENS! We'll have more in depth coverage later in the week. But for now, you'll get to see everything as if you were there!


Not sure what a drifting coaster is but it looks cool!


Premier Rides.


The show is about to open... Oh the excitement!

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Man TPR is starting to sound incredibly official now! I'd think the drifting coaster would be like the Mack e-motion coaster as several people have said but could be incorporate something more like a spinning coaster to accomplish the drifting sensation. Essentially what I'm thinking is if the center of rotation is located near the front of a long car then the car would seem to slide around turns, kind of like a suspended coaster but on a different axis. Guess we'll see once everyone gets back with more detailed reports.

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Mack Seats, and Will Koch tries out his new Timberliner Trains for Voyage!


Will Koch from Holiday World checks out his new Timberliner train for The Voyage!


Blue Fire car...measuring my heart rate...it says I'm dead!


Mack Rides has some kind of sit and spin!

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More rides, Intamin Sexiness, Waterpark goodness, and more!


We will see you in the Dells in 2010!


Yes!!! It's the looping water slide!


White Water West is showing off Nessie or what we called the musical water worm!


All the redemption games you can possibly imagine.


B&M was showing off the sleek Behemoth train.


Check out my sexy new Intamin lanyard.


Intamin booth looking sexy as always.


Hanno and John give the Beach Shack thumbs up!


Zamperla showing off the Beach Shack. Is this the next Rockin Tug?


HUSS rides...

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I really want to go to the show one day.


Also I should point out... This is the first itme I ever heard of M&V! I mean, I heard of fireball and the boardwalk bullet, but this is the first time I heard they weren't built by one of the other more well known companies! Who are they, when did they surface, and how good are they in comparison to other companies?




And kudos to TPR for making such a magor appearance!



EDIT - Oh my gosh! Am I reading that sign right?! Are all those parks getting a looping waterslide?!


Including Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells?!


Jeez!!! Every time I start rethinking about going on the mid america trip for financial reasons something like this pops up


Hmmm... I should rethink going on it more often!

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Inflatables and Unicorns and Fairy Stuff and Hot Chicks Selling Simulators!


At MagicQuest even you can be Harry Potter.


Do NOT let KidTums see this!!! We would never see her again!


OMG! We need this for the next TPR party!


Hot chicks and simulators. That's what IAAPA is all about.

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