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Photo TR: Yo Gabba Gabba Live - Party In My City LA

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Hey guys!


For those of you who have not yet discovered Yo Gabba Gabba, you must check it out. It is a show for Toddlers and Preschoolers on Nick Jr. but it really appeals to everyone. It has great musicians (The Aquabats even played live at the show) and actors guest star and perform, teaches children all about movement and dance, and is just awesome!


Today marked the start of their first ever LIVE US Tour in Los Angeles at the Shrine Expo Hall. It's a pretty big deal and of course we were there to bring this update to you!


Also, if you've been lucky enough to be on a TPR Trip, you already know about the Yo Gabba Gabba Snack Song and the awesomeness of the show in general, but for the rest of you...here's some more!


(Scroll down for videos from the show!)


The Little Green One!


My name is MUNO!!!!


DJ Lance showed up, brought the Gabba Gabba Gang to life and the stage really lit up. It was a really impressive setup, even moreso considering it was a kids show!


Here was the stage setup...the music started...


KT gets ready for the show with her awesome Yo Gabba Gabba light stick! There was tons of AWESOME EXCLUSIVE Merchandise...I tried to restrain myself and only bought $64 worth! (Kicking myself now though for not buying more!!!!)


The event was held at the Shrine Expo Hall which is probably the worst venue I've ever seen, especially for a kids show. But it didn't matter, Yo Gabba Gabba rocked the place and made the most of it.


Jump Shake Shimmy Them Out! Let's get the Sillies Out!






Then with all the craziness it was time to: JUMP!


They then dropped about 5000 balloons from the ceiling and it was pure amazing pandemonium!


Awesome! He's up in the air with the balloons!


He likes balloons a lot, I'm sure if everyone gives him balloons he'll be happy...let's try!


Oh no, Brobee is sad...


"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid, it's ok!" BTW, Brobee blinded me with his flashlight, those were some really powerful lights they gave them!


Did I mention that KT LOVED this show!?!? She was really into it.


The song was all about how friends are different and stuff like that, I remember thinking it would be great for a TPR Closing Segment! Oh, and that's the sad guy...he's always depressed!


Another shot of the awesome cast. I'm SOOO Bummed I didn't end up getting the Music is Awesome CD which came with a bonus live tracks CD with a new song!


Terminator Kristen loves the Aquabats!!!


It was the Aquabats!!! AWESOME!!! They were really great as usual.


Next up it was time for the 'Super Music Friends Show'!


This was the "Peek a Boo" song, with the 'search light' video thing in back it felt like the Where's the Fire attraction at Epcot!


My name is Kristen! I like to Dance!


Yoooooooooo GABBA GABBA!


We were having a great time! Notice how we have another awesome photo of Wes as well!


Toodee! She likes to have fun!


It was a really, really well done show. If you're into the show at all, even if you don't have kids I recommend going to see the live show. Seriously, I want to go back and do it again. I hope this takes off and we get a tour every year. DJ LANCE ROCKS!!!!!


Grand Finale, thanks to the Aquabats, thanks to Biz, thanks to EVERYONE!


Carrots, Carrots for Brobee!


There's a Party in my Tummy!!!


Chicken, Chicken for Brobee!


Then it was SNACK TIME!!! TIME TO EAT!!!


Biz makes a real appearance!!!! He got some of the biggest cheers of the day!


Biz asks: "Did I make that Smell?!?!"


Almost, Almost, Almost...


DJ Lance asks: Are you okay Biz...that looks like you're really squeezing one out!


Next up is what I like to call: Biz looks like he's taking a Dump.


KT was really digging this part dancing, hopping, running, etc. All in Circles!!!


Here you can see we had pretty great seats, about 10 rows back, dead center, out of 50 total rows.


Next was one of KT's favorite songs from the show: "Running/Skipping/Hopping in Circles!"


Dancey Dance time with the old Freaks and Geeks guys.


Next up: Bubbles! So they dropped balloons, streamers (twice), and bubbles into the crowd!


Then it was time for a quick intermission. I was ready to go buy more merchandise, but the line was SOOOO long I couldn't do it.

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And here is video of the ENTIRE Yo Gabba Live! Party In My City show!


Part 1:



Part 2: (This segment includes The Aquabats playing Pool Party)



Part 3:



Part 4:



Part 5:



Part 6:






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OMG, that looks AMAZING! Okay, so who really loved it more Elissa - you or KT?


Yo Gabba Gabba is starting to take off in the UK now, if something like this came along here I'd totally arrange a Brit Crew get together!


Glad you guys had fun!


- Divv "I like snacks" Walsh

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That was really entertaining for a kid's show!


Is it a bad thing that when you referred to KT as Kristen, that it took me a minute to figure out who you were talking about? I just can't remember the last time someone called her by her birth name..

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Wow, I can't believe they allowed video recording! You're going to make me a hero to my girlfriend's 5-year-old daughter.


I know! There was nothing on the tickets, no signs, and they made several announcements about rules and stuff but nothing about cameras (still or video!). I think they assume that at a kids show we're not really about pirating the show, moreso making a nice memory for our kids.

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So apparently the 3pm show didn't have the Aquabats, but had Sarah Silverman for Dancey Dance.


I can't wait to see how they get different acts for each live show!


This is why you all need to go, because the show is always different. So cool!

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I wanna go to the party in your city! This looks SO amazing!


Elissa I have the "Music is Awesome" CD and it really is good. You can find it at Target or probably Amazon, although mine did not come with a live bonus disc. Hopefully I can post a CD review here soon.


Anyway, thanks for the show review, vids, and pics!!!

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^^Yeah I have the Music is Awesome from iTunes, I just really wanted the new bonus Live stuff.


^Exactly. I was expecting like a static stage with some bright colors or whatever, not an amazing interactive video screen and lighting package. Very impressed. I think they've really upped the ante when it comes to kids shows. I can't imaging going to see like Sesame Street Live or the Imagination Movers or something now. We're spoiled!

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So apparently the 3pm show didn't have the Aquabats, but had Sarah Silverman for Dancey Dance.


I can't wait to see how they get different acts for each live show!


This is why you all need to go, because the show is always different. So cool!


Aw man, apparently instead of the Aqua Bats, it was Cold War Kids at the later show! No offense to the Bats or the Freaks & Geeks kids, but CWK and Sarah Silverman is way cooler, in my opinion.


The show was SO AWESOME though. I didn't really have much expectation since it was a kids thing, but it was so much fun. It was really impressive to see in person. They did a really amazing job. I'm so glad I got to go!

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That looks badass. I'll have to watch the videos at some point.


I'm so glad they put effort into it and made it a really good production, instead of half-assing it just because it's a "kids show", which is what usually happens. This is a good lesson in that just because something is for kids, doesn't mean you shouldn't go all out and really try to make it as entertaining and as impressive as possible. Some parks could really use this lesson...



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^ That's awesome! I also would have rather seen Snoop and Sarah Silverman over the Freeks & Geeks, but I'm glad I saw the Aquabats since I've never seen them live and I have no idea who that other band is...but now I want to go look them up!!!

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