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I really feel like this half of the season has failed in creating any sort of meaningful character development. To me, the weekly "assignments" have really just been a bad excuse for the writers to focus on a genre of music or a particular theme. What I liked about the first half of the season was that the characters learned more about themselves without necessarily having a weekly theme. The flow of the story was a lot more natural rather than this odd grouping that has been happening in the second half. Also, there has been almost zero focus on Regionals, which is bizarre because so much emphasis was placed on districts.


All in all, I miss the writing style of the first half of the season. If season 2 is more of what we've been seeing recently, I'm going to be very disappointed.

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Gotta agree with DATman. Although I still like the show, many of the musical numbers are 'staged' recently, instead of telling the story or developing the characters...other than the scene in Threads-n-Things, which was great.

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Well, however it's gone this past season....


Tonight's the night! Regionals!!!


And the cd of the episode's (6) musical numbers

has just been released ...


Woo hoo!


Now available for your enjoyment. Go, New Directions!

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Personally - I thought last night's episode was amazing. To Sir With Love and Somewhere Over the Rainbow were absolutely wonderful, and their Regionals number had me looking for my Journey's Greatest Hits CD.


Can't wait to re-watch the season this summer.

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I had the feeling they weren't going to win it. And I wanted to know what they were going to do about that (if that indeed, was going to happen). And I wasn't disappointed at all.


I loved how they were showing Sue getting more and more 'sympathetic' to them. Her votes! OMG!

And she's still going to piss Shu off about his hair next year, LOLOL!

Love it. It was wonderful.


The re-do of "Don't Stop" was nice esp. bringing in Puck & Santana to sing some of it.

And Brittany was sure dancing out front there, in the mash number before it. That was fun.


I did really wonder how they were going to place Quinn giving birth within the plotline.

But who knew "Bohemian Rhapsody" (sp?) would work so well, with all that

amazing editting back and forth? That was awesome. I will never hear that again,

without remembering (and smiling) about that scene in this show.


And once again, I love Dianna Agron as Quinn more and more.

Forget the nomination. EMMY immediately!


"To Sir With Love" and "Rainbow" were both done really well. With just Puck and Shu doing "Rainbow" I thought was really sweet. And I felt both numbers helped end the season very nicely.


And - one more year!!!

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Everything I wanted came together. Glee wins my unexpected show award of all time. I dont like many musicals,I listen to heavy metal and stuff like that, not pop, and I dont like Dancing/gleeclubs, but I like glee. I love the misfit group thing. The writing is top notch, and the song of the south refrence made me laugh crazy hard. Who knew a show that I originally watched because I was sick(it was all that was on) would become one of my cant miss weakly shows.


Season 2 here we come! The only thing that is worrying me is I dont know what will change. Next season the goal will still be sectionals/regionals, so whats gonna change?

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I got into the show because I was sick and everyone was freaking out about how good Glee was; so I watched several episodes on Hulu. The music is great and Lea Michele is...yeh I finagled my sisters into it too.

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Personal opinion re: GLEE at The TONYS..... (last night)


I think it was fairly wasted, having Matthew Morrison (Mr.Shu) and Lea Michele (Rachel) there performing, but separately.


Michele doing a re-visit of "Don't Rain..." Hmmm. It was okay. Needed a bit more pitch control, but hey it was 'live', right?

IMhO, I actually liked what Matthew did better, with the "Gypsy" number. And the dancers.

Thing is, with that number (All I Need Is The Girl) ... I sort-of kept expecting MIchele to "make her entrance" in it

and then they'd do a wonderful duet of another number together, etc etc.

But - didn't happen. Boo.



Oh well, any PR is better PR than no PR...yes?

But I do hope there's something better planned for the (eventual)

performance (I assume) for the EMMYs, end of August?


After they get nominated of course, LOL!

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I love how they're showing re-runs on Thursday nights now--gives me something to do while waiting for So You Think You Can Dance.


I know they're adding new characters next season, but I wonder if they're going to make some of this season's guest stars (Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff..) regular characters. I'd kind of like to see more of Jesse since his storyline felt really weird to me. Not sure how they'd do that though since he's supposed to be going to college.

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The Emmy Nominations were announced this morning and Glee was nominated a lot!


Nominated as Outstanding:


– Comedy Series

– Directing for a Comedy: Ryan Murphy (2 nominations)

– Writing for a Comedy

– Actor in a Comedy: Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester

– Actress in a Comedy: Lea Michelle as Rachel Berry

– Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Chris Kolfer as Kurt Hummel

– Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester

– Guest Actress in a Comedy: Kristen Chenoweth as April Rhodes

– Guest Actor in a Comedy: Mike O’ Malley as Burt Hummel

– Guest Actor in a Comedy: Neil Patrick Harris as Bryan Ryan

– Casting for a Comedy

– Hairstyling for a single camera Series



I just wish the Emmy’s had a category for best Dramedy because even thou Glee can be funny, the show has a major dramatic aspect to it. I’m super happy for the show’s many nominations. But I’m not sure Glee can hold up in all of the Comedy categories.

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I am really looking foward to the Rocky Horror episode

Maybe the biggest news nugget: The producers are planning a special "Rocky Horror Picture Show"-themed episode at an unspecified date. During the panel, cast member Chris Colfer, who plays the flamboyant Kurt Hummel on the show, said he'd like to sing "Time Warp," "Rocky Horror's" signature anthem. It was then that Murphy revealed that he would soon have his chance in a special episode devoted to the cult flick, as the audience cheered wildly. (Apparently, the tidbit was carefully planted: After the panel was over, the teeming throng exited to the original version of "Time Warp").


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According to an interview I saw that story line might be on hold.



Am I the only one wondering why Glee was at Comic Con? I mean, when I think of that event I think of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, video games, etc, not Glee. It's not even like Glee has any comic book elements in it, or even characters that seem to be into comics (like Big Bang Theory). I'm not complaining, I just felt like they were kinda like the outcasts of the convention.

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^The previous page of this thread talks about that.


– Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed that Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) will fall out of love with Artie (Kevin McHale) and in love with Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.), to which the entire audience responded with the pained whimper of a thousand puppies. “I can fall out of love too,” joked McHale, who proceeded to put his arm around Amber Riley.

– “People think we’re going to get bigger next season, but we’re going in a different direction,” said Murphy, who added that he plans to place a greater emphasis on individual characters (such as Brittany) instead of on massive production numbers. “We’re doing about five music numbers per episode instead of eight.”

– But don’t worry, Gleeks, Season 2 will still feature a few big tribute episodes, including one devoted to Britney Spears. Murphy revealed that Matthew Morrison (who wasn’t present at the panel) once told a reporter that he never, ever wanted to sing Spears on the program. “So the entire episode is Schuester saying, ‘I don’t want to do Britney! I don’t want to do Britney!’” said Murphy. Also, Murphy said that the episode will be very “hallucinogenic.” As if a tribute episode to Spears could be anything but hallucinogenic.

– Chris Colfer expressed his desire for Kurt to sing “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Show. Three seconds later, cue Murphy’s response: “Funnily enough, we are doing a Rocky Horror episode.” To this news, the Gleeks lost their bloody minds.

– Speaking of Kurt, Murphy reiterated that Kurt will find a boyfriend this season. “I wanted Kurt to have the high school experience that I didn’t have,” said Murphy, who is openly gay. “I want him to have a boyfriend and for them to be prom king and king. I think that’s something important to put out into the world.”

– When a fan asked Amber Riley if Mercedes will have any more solos in Season 2, Riley deferred to Murphy, who replied in the affirmative. “We’re working on an episode about religion, and we get to go with Amber’s character to her church,” said Murphy. “And Kurt comes along.” Upon hearing this news, Riley and Colfer looked at one another with befuddled expressions plastered on their faces.

– One Gleek asked Naya Rivera and Heather Morris what they thought about the fan response to Santana and Brittany’s relationship, but the topic quickly turned to whether the two characters will ever kiss. “We’re writing an episode where we’re debating whether they should kiss,” Murphy said. “Heather and I make out all the time,” joked Rivera.

– And both Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth will be appearing in the second season.

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